Dec 14, 2016

HSU places Lumberjacks band on temporary suspension; investigation into possible violations of University policies

Humboldt State University has placed the Marching Lumberjacks Band on suspension while it investigates possible violations of University policies.  The investigation may extend well into the spring semester.   

During the suspension, the band will not be allowed to represent the University locally or outside the region, and it will not have access to campus services that are available for recognized student organizations. 

The suspension follows the discovery in the band’s on-campus space of inappropriate printed materials and photographs, graffiti, open containers of alcohol, and numerous safety and building code violations.  The space has been locked and secured, and the University has begun the process of returning personal belongings to club members.

In the California State University system, if student organizations or individual students are found responsible for policy violations, they face disciplinary action ranging from a warning to expulsion. In order to protect the rights and privacy of both students and employees, the University will only be able to provide general information on the investigation.  

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  1. lIBERALISM abounds at Hum Univ so why expect adult behavior? The media isn't giving the full picture of the atrocities deserving a full stoppage/closure for 4 months. WOW