Dec 10, 2016

EPD confirms death investigation on P street as suspicious; autopsy possible next week

EPD's Captain Watson said that an autopsy on the death at 3rd and P "won't be until mid next week at the earliest." He does not have a date yet.

 'I can confirm we are investigating it as a suspicious death of a female.   Evidence techs and investigators were on scene processing it until the early morning hours."

"We are conducting a meticulous and thorough investigation and have already conducted numerous interviews.  It would be premature for me to release any more information at this early stage."

"We are not releasing the name at this time out of respect for the family and their grief, and to afford time for all her family loved ones to be notified.  Typically the release of the name will come through the coroner's office."

EPD Press Release ( on December 12):

On December, 9 2016, at approximately 12:46 pm, officers from the Eureka Police 
Department responded to the report of a deceased female at a residence on the 300 block 
of P Street in Eureka. 
As the first officer arrived to investigate, he confirmed there was a deceased 18 year old 
female found by roommates inside the residence. Eureka Police Detectives with 
assistance from investigators from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office began 
an extensive investigation involving some 22 people residing in the residence. 
An autopsy is scheduled for later this week and the female’s identity is being withheld 
pending family notification. 
At this time the female’s death is determined to be suspicious. Anyone with information 


Prepared by: Captain Steve Watson


The Eureka Police Department is confirming the deceased female located Friday at a residence on the 300 block of P Street has been identified as Jennika Lee Suazo, age 18 of Eureka.  


  1. The EPD has not released her exact date (day) of death to media as far as I can see. Apparently Jennika passed on Thursday, 12/8/16 and not on Friday 12/9/16, the day she 'was discovered.' This is according to the place that is handling final arrangements. A family member made a missing person(s) report re: Jennika 'at or about the time she was discovered.' Just seems odd to me that Just seems odd to me that I was unable to find Jennika's actual date of passing until today: as released by the funeral home.

  2. You are correct. The EPD has not released that information because they did not have a date for the autopsy last weekend. If the funeral home released that information, I have not seen it and they would not without the family's consent. I had already posted about a friend mentioning she was missing. Certain family members have been selective about who they speak to and what they say. At this point, depending on what cause of death would be, the Coroner or EPD would release that information.

    1. You have just mentioned a few reasons (among many) why I find the death date posted online by a crematory services business in Eureka--along with an attached memorial page--to be quite strange.

    2. Agreed. Let's see if there is an outrage about that information being released by the same people harassing me, including a local City Councilmember but ignoring this information released. If it was in the Times-Standard, I don't read the paper version. Really tragic, the loss of this young woman's life.

    3. Sorry for that, John. I am rather new to commenting on blogs and articles--but I am the same person that wrote the original comment here under 'Anonymous.' Tragic, a death that could have well been avoided. I am so disgusted with what the drug culture around Humboldt brings along with it. Kym's recent article on number of deaths in Humboldt for this year (AND year's past) are drug-related for the most part. Correction: not deaths, but homicides. I have my own opinion on this matter, but then: I make no assumptions and don't wish to speculate on something that has only been ruled to be 'suspicious.'

    4. Also: it appalls me that ANYONE is being harassed! An 18-yea-old girl just died and finding the truth and justice fo her is what's of paramount importance. People talk, that's just human nature. However: if this death is found to be of unnatural causes: the public has every right to know the facts. I'm soy you are being harassed for simply doing you job, John. Somehow, based on the 'character' of some people nearer to this story than you (or most of us)--it does not surprise me. Rest in Peace, Jennika. <3

    5. Here is the link to the information I referred to, John.