Dec 22, 2016

EPD launches a transparency portal website today with public having access to same information given to media

Eureka Police Department is holding a press conference right now to provide updates on the December 6 officer involved shooting.

Clayton Lasinski, who fled from law enforcent was arrested and arraigned on 12/15. Bail $860,000.

Four officers had been placed on administrative leaving while the investigation into this officer involved shooting is being conducted.

The officers involved in the shooting have not looked at the video.

Lasinski was shot at once by Officer Linfoot.

42 rounds, all 40 caliber rounds were fired; 27 strikes at "target car", with "two possible exit"; 14 strikes on another object such as a wall; three strikes unaccounted for; "one probably went down E street" from an officer account, said Chief Mills. 42 shell casings were recovered.

With the complete powerpoint from today being released to the public, Chief Mills wants the citizens to have direct access to the information.

Chief Mills started out by thanking EPD Detective John Gordon and Humboldt County DA Investigator Marvin Kirkpatrick for working around the clock.

"We are moving as fast as we can," said Chief Mills. "There are those that think this can be done in a snap; that information can flow like the Jordan River."

Chief Mills thanked the California Department of Justice, saying they are "an invaluable asset. There is some talk of moving the local lab," he said and hoped that would not happen." Information needs to be verified, accurate and accountable and that takes time.

Intervention on 12/27 @9:45. Preliminary hearing scheduled for December 28 at 9:45.

Fifteen counts, charges listed below:

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