Dec 29, 2016

Redding blogger posts article that raise further questions about Sherri Papini's disappearance account

Very interesting article on Sherri Papini. This blogger uses his name.

I had my doubts from the start, after Keith Papini's 20/20 interview, they grew.

I think the questions raised deserve answers from the Papini's and law enforcement.


  1. I've wondered what happened with this story, seen some of the 'click-bait' links (that go to untrustworthy/gossip/advertising sites) but this blog you link to sounds like the facts are lined up and to be verified and sound reasonable as well.
    I just read Ann Rule's 'In the Name of Love and Other True Cases' and the main story went on for so long because the state & local police as well as the FBI couldn't get solid proof, enough to convict. They didn't want to arrest the person and then have to let him go.
    So the Papini story fits in with other actual cases where the truth does finally come to the surface. Look forward to more information and thanks to the guy who has the blog.