Dec 28, 2016

Substitute Humboldt for San Francisco in this article, same difference

Substitute Humboldt for San Francisco or any city or town in California, the result is the same.

Before that one liberal commenter starts with, this is Fox News, the article is something anyone living in California that did not vote for Prop 47 or 57 or want AB 109 shoved down forcibly on local governments by Moonbeam knows and has experienced.

California, once the world's fifth largest economy is now dominated by clueless liberals debating CALexit and sanctuary cities and patting themselves on passing Prop 64 and a plastic bag ban, the latter typical of liberals who pass feel good laws instead of working on real life issues such as job, safety, growth and choices for all.

The headlines in local media don't even scratch the surface of crime. It's time for California and Humboldt to stop being the joke of the nation.

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  1. Here's a better link:

    Interesting to note that gun violence is down, though, even with the absurd rise in property crime violence. The SFist article doesn't say it's Prop 47, but I'd be surprised if that misguided proposition wasn't contributing to the problem, if not THE source of the problem.