Dec 1, 2016

Will Scott Crane be released from custody, again, this afternoon?

Scott Crane is scheduled for OR/Bail hearings for his most recent arrest on November 25 as well as three cases in which he is charged with violation of probation; two in 2016 and one in 2015.

A jury trial and revocation hearings are scheduled for December 19 and and trial confirmation and pre trial on December 13.

Charges in the most recent case are Count 1
 violating a court order; Count 2 disorderly conduct, allegedly under the influence of liquor and toluene and Count 3 obstructing and resisting a public officer.

Visiting Judge David Herrick's ruled this afternoon,no OR. Bail was set. Bail is $25,000.


  1. What's the penalty for the charge of violating a restraining order?

  2. First, he has to be found guilty of that charge, second, he also has three alleged violation of probations, third, I don't know yet if this is his first alled violation of a protective order so hard to say.

  3. Generally, If you are convicted of violating a California restraining order, the penalties vary quite a bit depending on

    whether it's your first or subsequent violation, and
    whether the victim suffered a physical injury.
    The penalties may include up to three years in the California state prison for a felony, and up to one year in a county jail for a misdemeanor. In addition, you could face

    court fines and penalties,
    victim restitution for any counseling and/or medical services that the victim reasonably incurred in connection with the offense,
    counseling services, and
    the relinquishment of any firearms and the inability to acquire any new ones for the length of the protective order.2

  4. Thanks for all your information John Chiv. I appreciate you doing all the work to keep us up to date.