Dec 1, 2016

Kudos to Humboldt County on Alert for reporting on the high speed chase first, with most details

(Graphic from COPS tv show)

From Humboldt County on Alert:

UPDATE 7:34: Helicopter left from the airport approximately 10 minutes ago.
UPDATE 7:22: Unknown if female suspect is armed.
UPDATE 7:19:  Black female with medium build, wearing green top and possibly my green pants. Setting up perimeter on Scenic where she possibly fell from cliff.
UPDATE 7:17: One black female adult outstanding. Possibly fell from cliff.
UPDATE 7:14: two detained, one outstanding.
UPDATE 7:12: Passing southbound 101 offramp at 6th (close to Westhaven?). Going through yards.
UPDATE 7:09: Suspect vehicle took Westhaven exit.
Update at 7:08: speeds still at 100+
RIGHT NOW:  high speed police chase. North bound 101 at Murray exit. 100+ mph. Chasing two black male adults armed with handguns.

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