Aug 15, 2016

Teisha Mechetti can resubmit application; Rio Dell Mayor challenged by two opponents

Rio Dell Mayor Frank Wilson, is being challenged by two candidates: Bryan Richter and Sue Strahn.

Teisha Mechetti did not have enough signatures to qualify by Friday, said Rio Dell City Clerk Ms. Karen Dunham, but since the incumbent is not running, she has time to resubmit by August 17.


  1. This little article is full of misinformation. There are 2 open positions on the city council, I don't know of anyone "challenging" Mayor Frank Wilson directly, and some of the names are misspelled. Not sure that this is a reliable source of information....

    1. Misinformation according to who? You, an anonymous coward with no clue, no verifiable email address? This information is from the City Clerk.

      Now stop wasting my time. I have started allowing anonymous comments on a case to case basis. Anonymous comments such as your lying and casting aspersions on accurate information will not only go to spam but be kept record of since they border on libel.


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