Aug 14, 2016

Sheriff Allman, Senator McGuire don't just talk the talk; they are out in the community picking up shovels, releasing trapped horses, helping with the fire fighting efforts

These Sheriff's, Supervisors and elected officials like Senator Mike McGuire got down in the midst of dirt, grime, picked up shovels, did physical work  in the community.

They deserve a shout out.

From Sheriff Tom Allman's facebook page (including photos):

"Things you never expect: this afternoon,  while with Lake County Supervision Rob Brown,  State Senator Mike McGuire,  Fire board of director Jim Comisky, 2 reporters and Peter Armstrong from Ukiah Fire Authority, we found ourselves in an area of the Canyon Fire.  These guys kicked ass. Sheriff Martin was ordering an evacuation, Supervisor Brown and I were releasing trapped horses,  and the others had tools protecting a structure (which was saved). I have the absolute best job,  iv the best area of the world."

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