Apr 22, 2017

White female with dyed hair allegedly assaults security at Bayshore Mall, EPD responding

EPD responding to a call at the Bayshore Mall report from Kohl's.  A white female in her late 30's or early 40s, slim build, with dyed red hair, grey jacjet, blue jeans allegedly assaulted Kohl's security who were attempting to detain her for alleged shoplifting. Mall security responded until EPD could get there.

Jason Arreaga, acquitted for double homicide in Humboldt, in Lake County jail on alleged attempted murder charge with Shavonne Hammers's boyfriend's son, both at the same jail

Jason Arreaga, who was acquitted in February 2016 of  double homicide charges in Humboldt County for the murders of Harley Hammers and Angel Tully ended up  back in custody in July 2016 in Lake County.

Harley Hammers' mother who contacted me yesterday told me Arreaga is in custody at the Lake County jail with Andrew Azbill, Shavonne Hammer's boyfriend's son.  Arreaga was arrested last year for attempted murder and other charges.

If you followed the Arreaga jury trial, you will remember Shavonne Hammers, Harley Hammers ex, who was the reason for Arreaga being in Humboldt County at the time, Harley Hamners and Tully were killed.

Murry Road gas station in Mckinleyville robbed

On Saturday morning 4-22-2017 at around 01:40 AM, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a report of a robbery that had just occurred at the McKinleyville Freeway 76 station, located at 1021 Murry Road. 

Apr 21, 2017

EPD looking for Creeper aka Anthony Burgess near 12th and I

Last time the gang association charge was read in court, Anthony Burgess responded with "Oh Fuck"

As of 4:10 p.m. he has not been apprehended, according to EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell.

EPD out near 12th and I looking for a Latino male with a tatoo on his face who fled from an officer

Eureka Police Department vehicles in the area of 1200 - 1300 and I streets looking for a Latino male with dark clothing and a tatoo on his face who fled from an officer.

Suspect identified as Anthony Burgess.

DA requests continuance for good cause, fifth delay in Jon Goldberg preliminary where wife is alleged victim

Jon Goldberg's preliminary hearing for his 2017 with a special set this morning was continued yet, again.

This is the fifth time. Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal presented affadavits to Judge Reinholtsen this morning indicating the difficulty in locating the alleged victim, Rachel Goldberg, who has moved out of the county.

Fresno police chief hits the nail on the head about crimes in California and the laws of the last 5 years that have hurt public safety


Link to video above.

I agree with Chief Dyer. It is time our state legislators, specifically Democrats, start working for the People on economics, public safety, crumbling roads instead of putting their hand out begging for federal money and wasting time on photo ops on non issues while California working citizens deal with constant tax raises and crime.

Apr 20, 2017

Marci Kitchen's preliminary confirmed for May 8; five full days

An intervention hearing was scheduled this morning for Marci Kitchen.

Count 1 Vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence; Jane Doe # 1 and Jane Doe #2 with special allegation that she fled the scene and a second special allegation that she caused great bodily injury to Jane Doe #2.

Count 2 Driving Under the Influence of an alcoholic beverage causing injury with special allegation of great bodily injury to Jane Doe #1. It is alleged in the complaint filed that the brain injury caused Jane Doe #1 to become comatose and suffer paralysis. Second special allegation that is alleged is that Kitchen caused great bodily injury or death to Jane Doe #2

Apr 19, 2017

EPD detains naked male roaming around the area of H and Trinity

If EPD was not busy enough, Operation Safe Streets has this:

"Alert Naked Male roaming in the area H st and Trinity.   Usually means they are high.   Really high.

EPD has Richard Shears detained.  Imagine that.

He's only on probation x 6.  EPD has him in custody 1932 hrs."

Car stereo and laptop theft reported; suspect reported headed south on Fifth street in Eureka

Car stereo and laptop  theft reported around 7:30. White male, in his 30s,  5 9, blonde facial hair, blue baseball cap, black hooded shirt, jeans, heading south on Fifth street in Eureka. Has two backpacks.