May 27, 2017

Here is how well pre trial release worked for Shelter cove suspect Aaron Arlotta; warrants, failures to appear and being charged with different crimes


AB 42 is coming up for a vote. If this is the behavior of defendants who are released, now; think pre trial release and no bail will help? This is just the most recent example of the frequently booked and released in Humboldt.

Aaron  Arlotta's bail history and arrests from 2016-2017 provided to me:

"In 2016, he was charged with 243(e)(1) domestic  battery, a misdemeanor and  could not make bail. He was released on OR under supervised release. In 2016,  was charged with PC 240 Assault amd PC 242 Battery. He failed to appear and warrant was issued. 

Should the Humboldt Board of Supervisors continue trusting County Counsel that lose big time, costing taxpayers?

(Humboldt County Counsel Jeffrey Blanck)

Humboldt County lost to Allison Jackson in the Magney vs Adult Protective Services lawsuit, last October. The publication of the decision got national media attention. Link listed below will get you caught up.

While vetting our current County Counsel, did this 2005 case of why Mr. Blanck was let go from previous employment, slip the radar?

(Jeffrey Blanck)

Instead of citing excerpts, I think the link below with the entire order allows you the reader to see the effectiveness and legal knowledge of our current County Counsel, Mr. Jeffrey Blanck.

Blanck v. Hager, 360 F. Supp. 2d 1137 (D. Nev. 2005)

District Court, D. Nevada

Raped both by a minister and a parishioner, 10 year old forced to marry her rapist and suffer more violence in marriage, this in the U.S.

(from Patheos-another case, not this one)
People want to know why church attendance is dropping, this is one reason why. Even in churches, some people cannot leave. There are places where trying to convert or leave the religion you are raised in can result in death.

May 26, 2017

"It seems the party that lost is now criticizing opposing counsel for being thorough in defending fundamental rights." After national humiliation, Humboldt County decides to prolong widow Magney's pain

This morning, Judge Dale Reinholtsen heard oral arguments from Ms. Allison Jackson, representing Mrs. Judith Magney, and Humboldt County Counsel Jeffrey Blanck, appearing on behalf of the County.

Judge Reinholtsen has taken the matter under review and has 90 days to issue a ruling.

The issue: the amount of attorney fees Ms. Jackson is asking for which is $194,000 versus what the County is willing pony up which according to the County is $41,000.

Defense files motion to continue in Bryan Ross Main case; charged with failure to register as a sex offender and unlawfully touching a minor at the Sweet Spot

The jury trial for Bryan Ross Main is scheduled to start May 30. This morning the case is scheduled on the trial assignment calendar, the defense requested a motion to continue.

That request was granted. Trial setting is scheduled for June 28.

Main was arrested for an alleged incident at the Sweet Spot in Mckinleyville involving a female minor. Main allegedly told law enforcement that he had touched the young woman on the "butt" and felt a "rush" while doing so.

New plaintiff expected to take over the case Leo Sears had filed against Greg Dale and other Humboldt Bay Harbor Commissioners

I have not been following this case since October. Picture above lists dates and developments. It was on calendar this morning for another case management conference.

I spoke with Mr. Bill Bertain, attorney for Leo Sears, who had filed the suit. With  Sears passing away, a new plaintiff is expected to take over the case. Due to his health, Sears had prepared paperwork to enable someone else to take over the case.

May 25, 2017

Texas Congressman calls for removal of Del Norte Judge Follett while CA lawmakers stay silent

Of course, none of our California lawmakers, especially Democrats like Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Kamala Harris, Congressman Huffman, Senator Mike McGuire or Assemblyman Jim Wood spoke on this issue.

"I had to go to jail, she had money, she didn't"; " "And she is suing the County for a road and going to Cancun three times?"

Karen Palsson spoke with North Coast News and me about Marci Kitchen. She approached us in front of the Courthouse.

"I had to go to jail, she had money, I didn't" Ms. Palsson told me.

I did look up Ms. Palsson's most recent case. She spent one day in jail, after her initial arrest for her 2016 case .

The picture below is what she got sentenced to:

"Lot of us have done things. I am in drug court because of a DUI. They are forcing me to do this, I don't even do drugs. I tried to kill myself because of a home invasion."

"And she is suing the County for a road and going to Cancun three times?"

Eric Lively held to answer on murder charge for death of Jesse Simpson

Eric Lively held to answer this morning on the charge of murder; for the death of Jesse Simpson.

Arraignment on information on June 8 at 8:30 a.m.

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