Jul 30, 2016

EPD responds to call of armed robbery at Texaco on Broadway; alleged suspect escapes capture

Operation Safe Streets posted this around 4 a.m.

Update - suspect was armed with a black handgun. Described as white male in his 20's and wearing a black bandana.  Reportedly fled on foot east on West Grant.  Units were unable to locate the suspect.

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Eureka Police just responded to Texaco on Broadway and West Grant for an armed robbery.

Jul 29, 2016

Two arrested by APD for attempted murder after shots fired into a residence

On 7/29/16 at about 2:12 AM Officers responded to the 1700 block of Stewart Ave for multiple reports of shots fired in the area.  Officers from the Arcata Police Department responded and located a residence with multiple bullet holes through a window and the front siding of the house.  Shell casings were also found in the roadway near the residence.  The residents inside the home were contacted and were uninjured.
The vehicle was described as a dark colored four-door sedan possibly occupied by two subjects.
At about 3:11 AM, an Arcata Police Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that had been seen while officers were responding to the initial call that was similar to the description of the suspect vehicle.  During the traffic stop, the officer noticed a rifle in the back seat.

Packed room for adult drug court graduation ceremony at the Courthouse

Packed room for adult drug court graduation. There was barely room to stand. Judge Timothy Cissna did the welcome and closed the ceremony.

Families, supporters and other current participants of the program were in attendance. 8 graduates.

Representatives from HCSO, Public Defender Ms. Kelly Neel, Conflict Counsel's Mr. Kaleb Cockrum and DA Maggie Fleming were there for the ceremony

Only KIEM and myself here for the ceremony.

Comments from graduates and Probation staff and Judge Cissna in a separate post later.

Mistrial in Charles Cole alleged animal cruelty case

Mistrial in Charles Cole case today. Mr. Kaleb Cockrum who representedcCole said that 7 jurors were for guilty; 5 not guilty.

Deputy District Attorney Carolyn Schaffer prosecuted the case. The case will be tried again. Trial confirmation is on August 10. Jury trial is on September 12.

Jul 26, 2016

Jury selection going on for Charles Wesley Cole charged with animal cruelty; the alleged incident occurred in January 2016

Jury selection is currently going on in Courtroom 2 for Charles Wesley Cole. He is charged with Count 1 Depriving an animal of drink or shelter.  Judge Marilyn Miles is the trial judge.

Mar 8, 2016

Cats or risk further prosecution; Visiting Judge tells Charles Wesley Cole who is charged with animal cruelty

Charles Wesley Cole was told by Visiting Judge Douglas Phimister that he "had a lifestyle choice to make." The Judge told Cole that he could either keep the cats or risk further prosecution if further abuse was alleged.

Fire Chief Gillespie says that fire on 216 3rd street "suspicious" but cannot say accidental or arson yet

Floyd Squires who who owns the building was at other end of town when he got the call. He is at the scene.

EPD Officer Cory Crinch left around 11.

Fire Chief Bill Gillespie said the fire was coming out through the wall at the top of the stairwell. No utilities in the wall.

Fire Department knows the area, they do not know cause yet.

Gas has been turned off. Tenants just allowed in but through back end of the building.

A tenant thanked Chief Bill Gillespie.

HCSO searching for missing aircraft that lost contact in Arcata area

9:35 p.m. update:

On 07/29/2016 at about 2030 hours, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Coroner's Division completed recovery of the victims from this accident. Tragically, four fatalities were confirmed. All four subjects, three females and one male, were recovered from inside the wreckage of the aircraft.

The ages and identities of the victims are being withheld at this time pending identification and notification of next of kin.

Latest update on today's airplane crash:
The National Transportation Safety Board will arrive tomorrow around 1100 hours.The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office has secured the scene. 
There is a quarter-mile mile debris field for the crash site. Personnel have confirmed plane went down into timber.
Sheriff’s Office is in communication with REACH Air Medical Services with information for the victim’s family.Personnel have confirmed four people were on the plane, and as noted earlier confirmed two fatalities.

Jul 28, 2016

"The thought that he receive probation for the death of a person shocks the conscience."

Zachary Glascoe was sentenced today by Judge Timothy Cissna, who asked Glascoe in his own words to tell him, "why I should give you probation."

I was the only media in court for sentencing. I will update this post with arguments made by DDA Brie Bennett for a prison sentence and Judge Cissna's detailed explaination.

Update, most likely tomorrow. It has been full days in court and other news and I am exhausted.

The quote in the title is from Ms. Bennett.

Probation recommended probation instead of prison and drug treatment.

There was dispute about Glascoe having two or three prior convictions for DUIs. Despite Ms. Bennett's efforts, included a certified rap sheet, Judge Cissna said the Santa Clara County minutes were unclear and he was uncertain whether Glascoe had been previously convicted.

Kailan Meserve: 15 felonies; 23,years in prison; lifetime registration as a sex offender

DA's press release:

Kailan Meserve was sentenced today after being found guilty earlier this year of 15 felony charges: three counts of forcible rape, six counts of forcible oral copulation, false imprisonment, assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, criminal threats, two counts of sexual battery, and sexual penetration by a foreign object.
At sentencing statements were read to the court describing the impact the defendant’s conduct had on the two victims and members of their families. Superior Court Judge Timothy Cissna imposed a sentence of 23 years in prison, lifetime registration as a sex offender and a lifetime restriction on gun ownership.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett prosecuted the case; attorney Russ Clanton defended Kailan Meserve.

Judge Cissna rejects David Lockhart plea for alleged vehicular manslaughter

David Lockhart sentencing was scheduled this morning. Judge Timothy Cissna rejected the plea.

There is a disposition and reset hearing on August 11.

Jul 3, 2016

Conditional plea goes south, tense words exchanged between family members and Lockhart sentencing postponed due to possible form error

Eighteen family members, some crying, one very upset and angry man named "Niko" from the victims in David Lockhart's case attended the afternoon sentencing, only to have it postponed to July 28 at 4 p.m. Mr. Patrik Griego was in court, he represents the Baker family.

Dave Meserve claims that the charging of his son's case was "politically driven" and there is an agenda "to charge people in the marijuana industry."

Five people spoke in support of Kailan Meserve. Two family friends, one of whom is Jim Groeling, the father of Ashleigh Groeling, who has known Kailan Meserve since childhood, considers him like a brother and testified in support of Jane Doe #2.

They mostly spoke about the Kailan Meserve they knew. Jim Groeling made a statement later refuted by Jane Doe #2's cousin. And by Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett.

Amy Meserve, Kailan Meserve's sister and Monica Meserve, Kailan Meserve's wife spoke. Both cried while they spoke. They talked about the man they knew and the pain they and their family is going through. Kailan Meserve's father, Dave Meserve spoke. When these three spoke, Kailan Meserve looked down at the table or and wiped away tears.

Despite claims that Kailan Meserve feels remorse for his behavior, that was not obvious during the trial or after the verdict in his demeanor nor did Kailan Meserve make any such statement.

While Amy Meserve and Monica Meserve expressed disbelief that the Kailan Meserve they knew was capable of violence or rape; Dave Meserve blamed everyone except his son, dismissing what happened as a result of "alcohol and basic stupidity."

Dave Meserve's statement included a comment that he did not mean to minimize rape but he did just that by questioning the life sentence his son would face. He also made absurd claims about an agenda politically driven by the District Atttorney's office to "charge people in the marijuana industry." He made other claims not proven during the trial or testimony.

Full update of statements later...Update, most likely tomorrow. It has been full days in court all week and other news and I am exhausted.