Dec 12, 2017

Micheal Baker, the consultant appointed for Dave Varshock, is someone he claims he has never met

"The county (and other agencies with the county) have changed the rules so many times, altered land use ordinances..."

Dave Varshock has been in real estate for 15 years. In the last 12 years, Mr. Varshock told me he and his wife Heidi have raised $50,000 for various charities, schools and community causes. Mr. Varshock contacted  me and wanted to use his name because he is "fed up".

Are Humboldt County commercial cannabis ordinances legal? Is the $10,000 a day a fine fair? Is the process meant to discourage appeals?

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous, works with cannabis businesses wishing to comply, raised concerns and made the following observations.

Gary Lee Bullock loses his appeal

Shawn Hof gets 20 years in prison

Jury selection was going on for Shawn Hof. Instead the case resolved today. Hof agreed to a plea deal for 20 years. Hof was charged with five counts, including attempted murder of a California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) officer in August 2016.

"So what you are saying is, if we keep providing attorneys, ultimately he may find an attorney he can work with?"

Yesterday, I did a post on Jacob Silverman and whether he would be found competent to stand trial.
Silverman's main charge for this case is sale of heroin. Other charges include violations of law related to weed and lying to a police officer about his identity.

After hearing from Dr. Ramirez, then Dr. Wilson and finally Silverman himself, Visiting Judge Marjorie Carter ruled that Silverman was competent to stand trial.  Silverman was called to the stand by the People; not his own attorney, Mr. Russ Clanton.

"A bank robber/hostage taker, a gun-toting felon who threatened to kill his mother, a knife-wielding felon who threatened to kill his girlfriend, and a dog killer are probably not who the public expected back into their communities."

Maxwell Castle is one example of the consequence of Prop 47. If you pay attention, the consequences of  Prop 47 keep adding up and Jerry Brown and the Democrats do nothing but cater to criminals.

Stealing a car can be a misdemeanor in California if the value is under $950.

Maxwell Castle released from custody on December 11 is back in jail after allegedly assaulting a woman

A Eureka man is back in custody after assaulting a female in the Humboldt County Correctional
Facility Lobby. Maxwell Castle, 26, had just been released from the facility on Dec. 11, 2017 around 5 p.m. whenhe reportedly accused a female in the lobby of stealing his money. Castle grabbed the victim’s wrist causing injury. Correctional deputies detained Castle until sheriff’s deputies arrived. Castle was booked into custody on assault and battery charges.

Dec 11, 2017

If you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, are you incompetent or competent to stand trial?


On December 11, Judge Marjorie Carter heard testimony from an expert witness, Dr. Jennifer Wilson, giving a second opinion on whether Jacob Silverman was competent to stand trial. Dr. Ramirez had already found Silverman incompetent to stand trial.

Hollywood stars, media, Judges expose the two faced Democratic party's lip service on being champions for women

"Conrad Rushing, the presiding justice of the Court of Appeal in San Jose, California, for the past 14 years, resigned this week while facing allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination against female employees, according to a report by the San Jose Mercury News."

When you have a record and try and cash a fake check right across from the jail

Jeremiah Fletcher, a frequent guest at the Humboldt Hilton, was at the Courthouse Market around 5 p.m.

Not only will Humboldt County benefit directly from their ability and skills, but our Office will benefit indirectly as they share knowledge with fellow prosecutors.”

Today, Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced the hiring of Deputy District Attorneys Josh Rosenfeld and Joel Buckingham.