Dec 18, 2014

Attorney General files opening brief in Timothy Littlefield child molestation case

Why is this relevant?

The first step in an appeal is to file a brief. That trigger the defendant to file a responding brief. The People are appealing and they have the burden to file a reply to the defendant's brief and what the defendant is arguing. This means the appeal will not be dismissed because of a default.

Paul would have struck a plea deal with his buddy, the defendant's attorney Russ Clanton, and the so called local media would have sat by and reported nothing.

The scrutiny on this blog and Rose's linking the posts did make a difference. Children and victims matter.

Nov 25, 2014

Attorney General to default on Littlefield molestation case? Will Paul do his job?

Listed below is a link to the Attorney General's office. It is regarding the Timothy Littlefield child molestation case.

Does it look like the The Attorney General's office is about to default on the Littlefield Appeal?

I believe the DA's has 15 days from 11/18 notice. Does Paul intend to dispose of this case  inappropriately? Kamala Harris is Paul's buddy as is Littlefield's defense attorney Russ Clanton. Rathercthan appeal Judge John Feeney's decision, it would have been better to try take the case to trial. Twice the jury believed the victim, despite who prosecuted the case.

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This is yet another case where the local media did not start covering the appeal or the case until I reported on possible plea deals and the case. When they do, they write what Paul spins.

And I will keep pointing this out occasionally until the media does it's job and reports the whole story and gives proper credit when they cover cases they had no previous interest in  and include information that they did not have access to because it came from history and research they did not know about.

Cocaine, meth, marijuana and illegal drug connection from Mexico?

On 12/17/14 at about 10:00 a.m. Humboldt County Drug Task Force Agents served a search warrant on a residence at the 300 block of Loleta Drive, in Loleta. Task Force Agents had the house under surveillance and several agents were in position behind the residence. As the Task Force Agents made the approach on the residence, a male subject standing at the rear of residence spotted the approaching agents and fled on foot toward his parked vehicle at rear alley area. That suspect was later identified as Rolondo Coneuo-Beccerra (age 24). Coneuo- Becerra refused to stop and ran south toward the alley, but was quickly apprehended by the surveillance team. Coneuo-Becerra was found to be in possession of over $9,000.00 in cash and 58 grams of suspected cocaine that he had dropped while fleeing from the approaching search team. Coneuo- Becerra’s vehicle was later searched and agents more than ¾ lbs of bulk packaged methamphetamine and Hydrocodone pills hidden within the vehicles engine frame.

A complete search of the residence was conducted and five (5) additional subjects were located inside the two story home. The five subjects were detained and interviewed regarding  four (4) pounds of processed and packaged marijuana, 10 additional grams of suspected cocaine. These items were found during the evidence search.  A pistol gripped 12 gauge shotgun  was found hidden in the ceiling tiles of the laundry room.

In addition to Rolondo Coneuo- Becerra arrest for possession of Methamphetamine for sales, transportation of controlled substance for sales, Possession of cocaine for sales and resisting arrest. Heriberto Galvan-Rosiles  (42) was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance. Antonio Galvan-Rosiles (46) was arrested and charged possession of marijuana and cocaine for the purpose of sales. Ernesto Corneuo-Garcia (24) was arrested and charged possession of false identification cards.  The two other adult males found in the residence were questioned and released at the scene.  Pending further investigation, additional charges may be added.

Evidence in the residence included items possibly connecting suspects to illegal drug connections in Mexico. Photographs of”Jesus Malverde”, pendants of “Santa Muerta” and gold colored emblems with
“EL CARTEL” engravings.

California-China Trade and Investment Office Hires Ken Petrilla as New Executive Director

Positioning California to attract a growing share of China’s massive foreign investment pool and bolstering California-China trade, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) and the Bay Area Council today announced the hiring of Ken Petrilla as the new Executive Director of the California-China Office of Trade and Investment.  Petrilla was previously the head of the China Desk for Wells Fargo, the largest bank in the United States by market cap.
“The hiring of Ken Petrilla, one of the most experienced international banking executives in California, shows how serious California is about its trade relationship with China,” said Mike Rossi, Governor Brown’s Senior Jobs Advisor.
The California-China Office of Trade and Investment was established by Governor Brown in 2013 to serve as a hub for California companies interested in entering or expanding in China – the world’s second largest economy – and Chinese companies seeking investment opportunities in California – the world’s eighth largest economy by GDP. California exported $24.2 billion to mainland China and Hong Kong in 2013, as the combined China region became the state's number one export market.
"It is hard to imagine a more exciting job than straddling two of the world's most dynamic economies and lending my expertise to helping them both grow more intertwined," Petrilla said.  "The people of California and China have so much to gain as trade shifts into what many people have called the Century of the Pacific.  I hope in this role I can give back to California as much as this state has given to me."
Prior to becoming Executive Director of the California-China Office, Petrilla was an executive vice president and head of the China Desk at Wells Fargo.  He worked to facilitate and capture China-related business in the United States, both inbound and outbound.  Petrilla has held many positions within Wells Fargo, including responsibilities for all Wells Fargo business and activities within Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
“There is a Chinese expression that opportunities multiply as they are seized, and Ken Petrilla is just the person California needs to seize these opportunities,” said Jim Wunderman, President and CEO of the Bay Area Council, which manages the Trade Office for the state.
The California-China Office of Trade and Investment is California’s vehicle for cultivating transpacific trade and investment relations between the state and the People’s Republic of China, California’s third largest trade partner.  It officially was opened by California Governor Jerry Brown in Shanghai during his Gubernatorial Trade Mission to China in April 2013.

Dec 17, 2014

Matthew Brown murder case jury trial delayed a week

The jury trial was set for January 5, defense requested it be delayed a week. Defense also pulled the previous time waiver. It is now scheduled for January 12. ADA Kelly Neel is prosecuting the case, Mr. Greg Elvine-Kreis is Brown's lawyer.

I don't know if this was a joke or Matthew Brown was addressing someone else. But as his case was called, he looked towards media seated and mouthed, "No."

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Arcata chef stabbing jury trial scheduled April 6

Juan Ferrer, who is charged with the stabbing of Arcata chef Douglas Anderson-Jordet, was in court today. DA Paul Gallegos was present. There is a status hearing in January and the jury trial is scheduled for April 6.

I talked with Ferrer's attorney Mr. Mark Reavis later and asked him about the motion to compel attendance of certain witnesses. That could not be heard since some witnesses are avoiding subpoena.

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Bullock whispers "I love you" to supporters in audience; Fr. Freed's family retains Kathleen Bryson

Gary Lee Bullock dates "remain set." The family submitted a Marcy letter via Ms. Kathleen Bryson to defense counsel and DA's office and court.

The case is being prosecuted now by DDA Stacey Eads. In court DA Investigator John Burke was present.

Bullock seems to gain weight with each hearing. Usually he listens to Mr. Cockrum before court in their private brief chat, says okay and then goes back to a stern gaze. Today he looked in the audience, initially where he saw familiar faces, I presume mother and step father.

Today he whispered, "I love you" to those family members. The family seemed quite defensive in court, staring towards other attorneys and looking at the media. Ryan Burns, Lashay Wesley, Will Houston and I were seated towards the right side of the courtroom.

Three times Bullock glanced in my direction, our eyes locked briefly and he looked away.

Jury trial is scheduled for January 26.

Will Gary Lee Bullock stand trial for Fr. Eric's murder?

This afternoon, a pre-trial hearing is scheduled in Courtroom 1 for Gary Lee Bullock, the suspect charged with the murder of Fr. Eric Freed, beloved pastor of St. Bernard's Parish in Eureka.

Judge Feeney has been the judge overseeing the hearings; formner DDA Elan Firpo was assigned to the case; today we find out who takes over. Bullock is being represented by Conflict Counsel's Kaleb Cockrum.

I will update in a separate after this afternoon's hearing. There are two other cases at the same time this afternoon, the Juan Ferrer and Matthew Brown case. I will update all as soon as I can.

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Fieldbrook double murder suspect waives right to preliminary hearing, case to go to trial

Not looking happy but indicating yes to the Judge, Jason Arreaga waived his right to preliminary hearing.

His attorney Heidi Holmquist said that while the preliminary hearing was waived, it was with the condition the only charges against her client would be the one in original complaint.

In a preliminary hearing, which is held after the defendant has been arraigned, the Judge decides whether there is enough evidence provided by the prosecution to hold the defendant accountable on charges to to stand trial. My guess is that by waiving trial, the defense did not want prosecution to be able to amend and add more charges after the preliminary hearing.

Arreaga is charged with murder in Count 1 of Harley Wayne Hammers and Count 2 murder of Angel Tully , both felonies. Two special allegations for both counts: personally and intentionally discharging a firearm and personally and intentionally discharging a firearm resulting in great bodily injury or death.

Ms. Holmquist spoke with Arreaga before his case was called. He was silent and softly answered yes, when Judge Marilyn Miles asked him if he was waiving his right to a preliminary hearing. Then he mumbled, "I don't like...". Some of us covering the case in the court thought he said, I don't like the way this is going but I understand; others thought he said he did not like the way things were worded.

Wanting to make sure, Judge Miles asked him again, if he wanted to waive his right and if he understood what that meant, he indicated yes again.

Arreaga's arraignment of information for jury trial will be on January 5 at 2 pm in Courtroom 1.

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