Feb 21, 2017

One of the alleged victims, Elisha Mansell refuses to testify this morning at Maxx Robison prelim

Maxx Robison, a suspect in the McCullens motel shooting that resulted in the death of Rhianna McKenzie has his preliminary scheduled this morning at 9:45.

It did get underway this morning and continues this afternoon in Courtroom 3.

Robison's grandmother, Barbara Berry, who he lived with, testified today. She identified photos and a series of 911 calls she made the early morning of June 29/30.

These calls were played in court.

Elisha Mansell refused to testify today. He was appointed an attorney and freaked out.

Mansell claimed he does not trust his appointed attorney, who he fees is close to DA and others. He said he is trying to tell what happened that day, just does not want to testify today.

Mr. Marek Reavis, who was appointed for him, told him to plead the fifth.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees even offered him immunity.

I will link the exclusive post when Manselk spoke to me  months ago later.

There has been a limited gag order issued in this case and preliminary records will be sealed.

Deputy District Attorney Carolyn Schaffer is prosecuting the case. Public Defender Jennifer Dixon is representing Robison. Among his regular supporters, Robison's mother was present in court.

(Detailed post later)

Feb 20, 2017

Disinvited from CPAC, loses book deal, Breitbart considering saying bye bye; MILO gets his comeuppance

Rarely do most people on the left, the moderate and the right agree but the news that Milo Yiannopaulus' fake gay conservative persona and fifteen minutes of fame is crumbling will be great news to many; it was to me.

Milo got put in his place on Bill Maher's show by Larry Wilmore, Conservative Political Action Conference disinvited him, Simon and Schuster cancelled his book deal, and according to Drudge Report, Breitbart might be letting him go soon.




In the past two weeks, I commented on him on Breitbart, on Drudge and ABC News. I debated with people who defended him.

Feb 19, 2017

Siren Song hosts a band called Millions of Dead Cops

Chief Andy Mills:

"Sirens Song hosts band Millions of Dead Cops. What if they said Millions of Dead...whatever. Repugnant. Boycott Sirens Song. Vote w your Dollars   This has No place in a civil society."

My comments:

Will we see the outrage from the local left and NCJ and LOCO as we did about the Mateel and homophobic rap?

The so called tolerant left has no problem with hate or violence unless it is against police, conservatives, Trump voters and anyone they disagree with; disgusting!

I received threats, of course anonymously. There is no complete anonymity in cyber space. All such messages can be saved, as well.

Feb 17, 2017

Rental inspection program proposed in Eureka will create more homeless; non profits and government haven't a clue how to fix problems

The Westside Community Building Initiative has good intentions but as every government rule, not one rule fits all.

Registration and a business license fee of $100 is being proposed for rental properties, according to a KIEM article.

So far tenants aren't thrilled because they know this fee will most likely be passed on by a rent increase.

Judge grants a limited gag order in the Maxx Robison case

The Public Defender wants a gag order in the Maxx Robison case. The DA's office feels differently.

The Judge granted a limited gag order.
Preliminary hearing records will be sealed as well.

The preliminary is still scheduled for February 21st at 9:45.

Read Deputy DA   Carolyn Schaffer's response to me below, which was in response to a post I did.

Brian Swan is a free man now, just days before his jury trial because the alleged victim is MIA

Today, at trial assignment, instead of confirmation for jury trial, Brian Swan got a dismissal.


I contacted DA Maggie Fleming, she responded, "In spite of significant efforts over a very long period of time the victim could not be located. We had to dismiss with the understanding we can refile if we locate the victim."

So HSU criminal justice dialogues is all for inmate art, even if the artists include convicted and suspected child molestors?

A concerned citizen and regular reader sent me this flyer. The person was recently made aware of this art show, "The outside looking in and the inside looking out",which will be on display at Health Sport in Arcata and Synapsis Art Gallery in Eureka on March 4.

It is presented by HSU Criminal Justice Dialogues.

Feb 16, 2017

Maybe it is time that the local press got together and got a lawyer against the Humboldt court rules

Media access in local courts is restricted more in Humboldt than other places in California.

There are these special Humboldt creations such as interventions, which are in closed courtrooms, in Humboldt.

Another example is when visiting judges try and question if a public defender should be appointed and ask about income, they get told by certain public defenders, "that is not how it is done here."

When you see the same person in for the nth time, a generation of repeat offenders in the system and rude first time able bodied defendants feeling entitled to a lawyer and an attitude, regularly, why should taxpayers pay for these bad choices?

We have public defenders, asking for gag orders like Halloween candy. A visiting judge asked if the media had a lawyer representing them at the Jon Goldberg arraignment.

Maybe we should get one. More local media is covering courts now and the local protocols need an overhaul.

Mea Culpa. It's not the DA but the Public Defender that wants the gag order, now that makes sense

A little confusion on who requested the gag order in the Robison case.

I got some of my information on that gag order in the Robison hearing post from a source in the courtroom, present for the hearing. Not blaming my source; I usually double check. Been recovering from major surgery so took a bit of short cut today but that is not an excuse.

Lesson learned.

Joshua Wentworth arested on tip by HCSO assisted by CHP and TRD

On Wednesday, February 15th, 2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) received a tip regarding the whereabouts of fugitive Joshua Wentworth. At approximately 1015 hours, Deputies from the HCSO Trinity River Division (TRD), assisted by Officers from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) followed up on the tip at a motel in the 39000 block of State Highway 96 in Willow Creek.