Sep 25, 2016

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Humboldt Honey Wine is open from business again, surviving a devastating fire in June

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Humboldt Honey Wine has risen.

Just a couple of months after their business burned down in Old Town, Humboldt Honey Wine is open for business and the public will get their first look at their opening on October Arts Alive from 6 to 9 p.m..

Front room area

Brewing room

Gift shop

Gift shop

Gift shop located next to the front room

I was the first to report about their new location in June. Their old business was destroyed by a fire on June 7, described as the largest fire in downtown in decades.

HSU students collecting data on HSU homelessness crisis

HSU Homeless Student Alliance Meeting,Friday, September 30, 2016 at 3 p.m.,
Humboldt State University, BSS Building Room 166. Open to Students, Staff, Faculty and advocacy groups interested,

Sep 24, 2016

Red carpet to the entrance of Boys and Girls benefit, "Night of 4,000 stars"

Businesses, community members, elected officials are at 901 Myrtle Avenue for a benefit for the Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods.

Supervisor Rex Bohn is the auctioneer.

Sep 23, 2016

Looks like Kushwaha didn't learn his lesson with the Green Valley motel being shut down 3 years ago

Besides the Budget Motel in Eureka, Ravindra aka David Kushwaha had another motel shut down in 2013.

Wouldn't talk to media then; wouldn't talk to media now except today to whine about alleged conspiracies about Danco and the City and suing the City of Eureka.

He didn't come up with the money then; he did not now.

The shut down in 2013 was a County action since it was Green Valley motel in Orick.

Story at:

If anyone should be sued, it should be Kushwaha by the taxpayers.

He made people living at his two motels lose their homes, he had no problem taking rent checks for years  and expecting people who had little choice live in disgusting and dangerous conditions or over using up City and County resources, especially police for one property, the Budget.

If Peter Martin was really a champion for the downtrodden, he would have sued Kushwaha, and offered his services pro bono. No easy money here, so Martin passed on this "cause."

"The physical structure is only part of the problem; this has become a hot spot in Eureka for crime and disorder"; Budget motel is being boarded up room by room

"The physical structure is only part of the problem; this has become a hot spot in Eureka for crime and disorder," said EPD Captain Steve Watson. Not all, but a number of people who are living at the Budget are the problem, said Captain Watson.

"We are just standing by to make sure things go peacefully," said EPD Captain Brian Stephens.

Over 2,000 Commercial Cannabis Activity Registration forms filed with County prior to August 23 deadline

The Planning & Building Department - Cannabis Services Division is excited to announce the receipt of well over 2,000 Commercial Cannabis Activity Registration forms submitted prior to the Aug. 23 deadline. This impressive and encouraging initial response is due in large part to partnerships and outreach by numerous state agencies and local organizations, non-profits, and consulting firms who were instrumental in helping mobilize and educate Humboldt’s medical cannabis farmers and patients.

Sep 22, 2016

Budget Motel process of relocating tenants to start tomorrow after 8 a.m

City just sent out a press release. The rest of the information already covered in earlier posts.

Citing public safety concerns and the horrifying experience of the 12 year old student, People request and are granted no bail for Dylan Wilson

More disturbing details emerged at the arraignment of Dylan Wilson this afternoon about his alleged encounter with the female minor on the path to Arcata Elementary school.

Besides court staff, attorneys, victim witness representatives, no one besides me was in the court for Wilson's arraignment.

A sullen Wilson walked into Courtroom 5 this afternoon. He looked down as Judge Joyce Hinrichs read the charges against him.

When Judge Hinrichs asked if he needed an attorney to represent him, Wilson loudly snapped, "Yeah."

Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads who is prosecuting this case requested no bail.

Ms. Eads said the People had public safety concerns. "A child is the victim. While she was walking to school, he looked at her. They made eye contact. He grabbed her, proceeded to pull down her pants as well as her panties and was on top of her. She yelled as loudly as she could. She tried to push him away. She was unsuccessful."

Dylan Wilson who allegedly assaulted 12 year old at Arcata Elementary charged with two felonies

Dylan Jackson Wilson is scheduled to be arraigned  this afternoon for his 2016 case. His 2015 and 2014 cases are also on calendar.

In his recent case, he is charged with two felonies. Count 1 Forcible Lewd  Act Upon a Child and Count 2 Assault with intent to commit a felony on a victim under 18; " intent to commit rape, sodomy and oral copulation" is alleged in the complaint.

Charges are slightly different than what he was charged with when he was booked.

Wilson is the man who allegedly assaulted a 12 year old at Arcata Elementary earlier this week.

Judge Reinholtsen rules in favor of the City of Eureka over Budget Motel owner

Just in...

Judge Dale Reinholtsen ruled in favor of the City of Eureka.

The City will be issuing a press release later today.

For details of City Attorney Cyndi Day-Wilson's argument, please refer to the post below. Clearly, Judge Reinholtsen agreed with the City of Eureka.

Mf. Carlton Floyd said he had no comment.

Here is a Judge Reinholtsen's ruling: