Dec 2, 2016

100 percent votes in, Austin Allison is the Councilmember elect for Ward 4

Austin Allison 4,925
John Fullerton 3,999

Kailan Meserve gets a taste of San Quentin justice from his fellow inmates

Kailan Meserve who is housed at San Quentin got "beat up"by his fellow inmates, according to a few sources.

Since this is medical information, San Quentin cannot release or confirm or give details about the incident.

With the passage of Prop 57, there is a possibility that with or without the appeal, Meserve could be released early.

With her preliminary hearing continued, Marci Kitchen decides to take a trip out of the country

I heard this through the grapevine from a few sources of the Marci Kitchen "fan club."

It seems Marci Kitchen has a trip planned out of the country soon. Will she return?

Should have asked for her passport to be surrendered.

I have contacted both the DA and Kitchen's attorneys.

HCSO Press Release mentions third suspect in high speed chase as male, no mention of female

On Thursday, December 1, 2016 at approximately 6:58 p.m. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs were dispatched to a report of an in-progress home invasion robbery in Fieldbrook.  While en route, the suspect vehicle, a black GMC Yukon with Missouri license plates, passed deputies at a high rate of speed in the opposite direction, westbound on Murray Rd from Central Ave in McKinleyville. Deputies pursued the vehicle, and requested the assistance of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).  The suspect vehicle began travelling northbound on Hwy 101.  The pursuit continued and reached speeds of 100 mph.

Eureka Chief Andy Mills is looking for you, yes YOU, why?

From Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills:

The City of Eureka is now hiring for an experienced Senior Administrative Assistant to be assigned to the office of the Chief of Police.  Applications due by December 16th.

Norvell Eaisley and Charleston Jamond Thompson arrested yesterday for high speed chase

Norvell Eaisley and  Charleston Jamond Thompson arrested yesterday for VC2800.2 (a) by HCSO. Bail for Eaisley $75,000. Thompson, $50,000

Dec 1, 2016

CSAC 2017 officers include Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass

Congratulations to our Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass.

Supervisor Virginia Bass is the second Vice-President.

CSAC photo and tweet:

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are proud to present our 2017 CSAC Officers! #CSAC16 @dickforster60 @Team_Leticia @VirginiaBass #keithcarson

Humboldt County is now well represented at the state level since Supervisor Rex Bohn is the 2nd President of RCRC (Rural County Represetatives of California).

Helicopters, cell phone sniffer added to search for missing female suspect

Drug Enforcement requested with cell phone sniffer.

High speed chase related to home invasion? Armed robbery?

From Operation Safe Streets on hi speed chase:

More information from Operation Safe Streets:

Updated: turns out this is going to be related to an armed robbery.   Still piecing together information.  Original call was for armed home invasion in the 5000 block in Fieldbrook near the Grange.  Multiple units responded.  No shots were reportedly fired during the robbery.  Suspects were described as black male adults.

☆ Original Post ☆
Sheriff's deputy ended what sounded like a short pursuit.  Two detained and one outstanding.  Arcata PD is headed to back up the deputy now.   Deputy advised one suspect may have went off the cliff on foot.   Black female adult.  Avoid hitchhikers.  Loop Road Westhaven.  Last seen southbound Scenic.

Kudos to Humboldt County on Alert for reporting on the high speed chase first, with most details

(Graphic from COPS tv show)

From Humboldt County on Alert:

UPDATE 7:34: Helicopter left from the airport approximately 10 minutes ago.
UPDATE 7:22: Unknown if female suspect is armed.
UPDATE 7:19:  Black female with medium build, wearing green top and possibly my green pants. Setting up perimeter on Scenic where she possibly fell from cliff.
UPDATE 7:17: One black female adult outstanding. Possibly fell from cliff.
UPDATE 7:14: two detained, one outstanding.
UPDATE 7:12: Passing southbound 101 offramp at 6th (close to Westhaven?). Going through yards.
UPDATE 7:09: Suspect vehicle took Westhaven exit.
Update at 7:08: speeds still at 100+
RIGHT NOW:  high speed police chase. North bound 101 at Murray exit. 100+ mph. Chasing two black male adults armed with handguns.