Oct 19, 2017

UC Santa Cruz protestors disrupt College Republicans meeting, their actions backfire on them

Mendocino transient gets 44 months in state prison for violation of two grants of felony probation

The long and sometimes torturous local legal story of Kelisha Sheree Alvarez, age 28, a well-known, aggressive transient in and around Ukiah, came to an abrupt conclusion today in Department B of the Mendocino County Superior Court.

Defendant Alvarez was sentenced to state prison for 44 months for having violated the terms of her two grants of felony probation. Because of the nature of the convictions leading to the prison commitment, the defendant will be limited in the credits she can attempt to earn in prison to just 15% of the overall sentence, or just over six months.

Beginning in 2009, defendant Alvarez has amassed a criminal record of 10 misdemeanor convictions and, in 2016 and 2017, two felony convictions.

In 2016, her first felony conviction was for felony vandalism. However, the most serious felony conviction -- the defendant's second -- occurred in early 2017. While released from custody on the vandalism case, the defendant perpetrated a strong arm robbery against a homeless woman.
The homeless woman identified the defendant as the thief and the property stolen by force and fear  from the homeless woman was later recovered from Alvarez.

Not counting the violations that resulted in today's prison commitment, defendant Alvarez has regularly appeared in the Mendocino County courts over the years for having violated her various grants of probation. In all of her cases combined, the defendant has been found in violation of probationary terms by the courts at least thirty-one (31) separate times.

As noted by District Attorney David Eyster, "There is no question that the courts have shown extreme patience in a long-term effort to work with the defendant, perhaps to a fault. Nothing has worked and today's decision was the right decision."

The prosecutor who appeared at today's sentencing hearing was Deputy District Attorney Beth Norman. The sentencing judge was Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Ann Moorman.

More than two years later, will David Viveiros' victim get some closure?

David Viveiros plead to 16 years for abusing a minor on October 11. This afternoon, there was a special set for family and victim impact statements.

If you know who this is, don't comment on social media, call EPD

Sneak peek at some of the documents filed in the David Marcus lawsuit

Showdown between Patrik Griego vs County Counsel regarding David Marcus scheduled for November 13

Patrik Griego filed a motion today to set a hearing for the lawsuit against Humboldt County regarding the hiring, qualifications and eligibility of  Public Defender David Marcus.

Reed Tardy referred to the Jail Based Treatment Competency program

Criminal proceedings have suspended for Reed Tardy.

Nick Johnson sentenced for two cases; here is the breakdown on his plea and prison time

Nickolas Johnson was sentenced for two cases this morning. One for the murder of David Ganfield. The other for his attempted murder and firing upon two District Attorney Investigators.

Hoopa teen charged with death of 52 year old enters additional plea of not guilty by

Setting for Richard Dean was scheduled this morning. He is the Hoopa teen charged with the stabbing of the 52 year old in Arcata in January 2016. He entered an additional plea today of not guilty by insanity.

Defense for James Merrick charged with the death of teen pedestrian to file motion for continuance

James Merrick had trial confirmation scheduled today. Jury trial is scheduled for November 12. The defense will be filing a motion to continue because their expert Rudy Degger will not be able to provide the accident construction report in time.  People objected to the continuance.