Aug 19, 2017

How many potholes could be fixed; children and homeless assisted; small businesses and jobs created with $900 K?

According to a Times-Standard article, PBS North Coast raised $900,000 dollars. The article stated bipartisan support for PBS.

How many potholes could be fixed; low income children's and adult dental needs met; people be assisted to get housed; and small businesses and local jobs be created with that money?

If we are on the cusp of a second civil war, the media needs to take responsibility for aiding those fueling the situation

To be proud to be an American is not supporting white supremacists. To be a Trump supporter is not to be a white supremacist. One can have valid dialogues about different points of view but the radical left wants it "their way or the highway" and most of the media is fueling the toxic hate polarizing this nation and aiding who?

Last time Frank Slade was arrested it was a Honda, meth & a woman cohort; now a Hyundai, meth and another woman

Aug 18, 2017

56 year old Anthony Domenico arrested in Manila fire incident

Follow-up to posy on the assault and fire in Manila this morning. Fifty six  year old Anthony Michael Domenicio was arrested and taken into custody this afternoon by  Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies. He was charged with two felonies, assault with a deadly weapon and arson.

People win motion to amend charges for Lasinski; jury trial for August 21 vacated

(One of the photos from EPD's briefing on Lasinki case)

The People's motion to amend the information in the Clayton Lasinski case was granted without oppositon.
DA Maggie Fleming for the People. Deputy Conflict Counsel David Lee for Lasinski.

August 21 Jury trial vacated. Trial setting on 8/29 at 8:30 a.m. in Courtroom 2.

DUI not believed to be a factor in 299 collision involving Lance Britton

On the morning of Thursday, August 17th, a driver sustained minor injuries after driving off of SR-299 and overturning down a steep embankment.

HCSO units still on scene investigating details of fire in Manila

HCSO units and CALFire are still out on scene HCSO Lt. Dennis Young said he has same information as what was heard on scanner. HCSO will release more details later.

Will the court grant the People's motion for second amended information in the Clayton Lasinski case

Clayton Lasinski motion to amend the information for jury trial was continued to this morning; the same time as trial assignment. Lasinki's jury trial is scheduled to start Monday.

This would be the second amended information. Lasinski led CHP and EPD through a chase during rush hour, after fleeing from a traffic stop.

Aug 17, 2017

You decide how credible this claim by Tina Sampay regarding a Craigslist post on the Lawson case is or is not?

(Tina Sampay Linkedin)

I contacted APD about a claim Tina Sampay made on her facebook page and website since it referenced APD.

EPD Chief Watson debuts "EPD, Meet Your Customers" series

EPD Chief Steve Watson:

During EPD's monthly staff meeting yesterday afternoon, I introduced a new format I'm calling the "EPD, Meet Your Customers" series.  Moving forward, the first 15-20 minutes of each staff meeting will be devoted to introducing our supervisors to a guest from our community.