Oct 7, 2015

Arrest warrant out for key witness in Fieldbrook double homicide trial

From LOCO's booked:

Yesterday, 2:26 p.m.

Bachus is a key witness in the Jason Arreaga jury trial. He discovered Tully after Arreaga, Carly Michaels and Shavonne Hammers had left the scene.

He tried to give her CPR, several witnesses described him as upset, and had blood on him.

Oct 6, 2015

Case dismissed! Man leaves courtroom smiling after he dodges felony assault charge

I know his name and his defense attorney's name but it is the facts that are more germane here.

A man scheduled to have a preliminary hearing for a felony, assault, instead heard the Deputy DA tell the Judge the People's decision. The Judge then said the lucky two words: Case dismissed!

According to the defense attorney, the alleged victim, the guy's brother did not want to press charges. On the night of the alleged matter, the guy was sleeping. His brother burst into his home and demanded sunglasses. The guy refused. The brother who may have been intoxicated, threatened to burn the house down, so the guy went and got a rifle and made the brother leave. The alleged victim told Hoopa police that he was being shot at, despite both stories, the guy defending his wife and child and property was arrested and charged.

Ergo case dismissed.

Another case I heard about from a source close to the alleged defendant was that a guy working for one of the local tree companies was arrested for arson. Witnesses said he was at the scene of the alleged crime. He spent six weeks in jail. The case was dismissed after it was discovered he was at the casino at the time the alleged crime occurred.

Your thoughts on the October 1 draft of Humboldt County's Marijuana Land Use Ordinance?


DDA Whitney Barnes wins her first jury trial against the same attorney she lost against

Deputy District Attorney, Whitney Barnes, who was hired by DA Maggie Fleming at the beginning of this year won today's trial against the very attorney she lost the first jury trial to, Mr. Marek Reavis. That first trial was a domestic violence case.

She now joins this year's newly hired colleagues, DDA Trent Timm and DDA David Christensen who also won their first jury trials.

Davidsen was represented by Mr. Reavis who is with the Conflict Counsel's office.

Press Release:

On October 6, 2015, the jury found 43-year-old Amber Rachelle Davidsen guilty of illegal possession of a weapon, and battery - both misdemeanors. The defendant was found not guilty of misdemeanor assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury.

The case arose from an incident in King Salmon on February 22, 2015 when, during an argument, the defendant hit her neighbor in the head with an expandable baton and then pepper sprayed her. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call for service and arrested the defendant after investigating the incident.

The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Whitney Barnes, with assistance from District Attorney Investigator John Burke. Judge John Feeney presided over the three-and-a-half-day trial. The defendant was sentenced to four days in jail, three years of probation, and ordered to stay 100 yards away from the victim in the case.

Preliminary hearing for man charged with 16 felonies of alleged sexual acts with child under the age of 10 postponed

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for David Viveiros this morning. Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett is prosecuting this case. Public Defender Luke Brownfield is representing Viveiros.

Mr. Brownfield was in a multi day preliminary hearing and Mr. Kevin Robinson from the Public Defender's office appeared on his behalf and told Judge Joyce Hinrichs that the defense was requesting a continuance.

Ms. Bennett said, "the victim is upstairs and ready to proceed."

Due to schedules, the preliminary hearing was continued to October 20 at 8:30 a.m. with an intervention to confirm that date on October 19.

David Viveiros is charged with 16 counts of alleged sexual acts with a child under the age of 10 PC 288.7 (a).

Counts 1 and 2 sexual intercourse/sodomy; Count 3 oral copulation/penetration; Count 4 and 5 sexual intercourse/sodomy; Count 6 oral copulation/penetration; Count 7  and 8 also sexual intercourse/sodomy; Count 9, 12 and 15 oral  copulation/penetration; Count 10, 11, 13 and 14 sexual intercourse/sodomy and Count 16 is aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14.

All charges are the same victim.

He is charged with 16 felonies and Judge Cissna said there are "additional allegations against him which are serious felonies/strikes."

He also had a CLETS protective order served on him in court.

Possible Norteno gang member and a wanted murder suspect by the Salinas police may be in Eureka

The Eureka Police Department was contacted by the Salinas Police Department’s Investigative Unit and advised a wanted murder suspect was possibly in Eureka.  According to Salinas Detectives, the suspect reportedly spent last night behind the Bayshore Mall.

The suspect is wanted for attempted robbery and murder.  The suspect is a parole absconder with a history of violence and is believed to be a Norteno gang member.  Salinas Police Department considers him to be armed and dangerous.

The suspect is Nicolas “Brad” Azcona, 23 years old, 6 feet tall, 215 pounds, blonde hair, and blue eyes.  Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call 911 immediately.