Aug 29, 2014

Arcata resident arrested for child pornography

 On 06-05-2014 the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office was contacted by the United States Department of Homeland Security ( D.H.S.) regarding Child Pornography being uploaded. A Sheriff's Office Detective was assigned to the case and worked with the D.H.S. Cybercrimes unit The D.H.S. Agents told the Detective they were contacted by a website company that saw images of Child Pornography being posted and viewed on a server the website hosted. They provided the name of the server to D.H.S. who reviewed it and the contents.  The server company provided I.P. addresses that were tracked down to individuals. One of those addresses belonged to a Christopher Steven Haynes, 64 years old, from Arcata. The Sheriff Detective wrote a search warrant for Haynes residence and computer, which the detective served July 10, 2014 with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Humboldt State University Police and Arcata Police. During the search of the residence, the detective located and seized Haynes computer, a thumb and hard drive which Haynes provided to the detective. A Humboldt County District Attorney Office investigator conducted a forensic examination on the computer, hard drive and thumb drive, which revealed thousands of Child Pornography pictures and videos.

 The detective wrote and obtained a Humboldt County Superior Court arrest warrant for Haynes for possession of matter depicting a minor engaging or simulating sexual conduct, sending or duplicating sexual content involving a minor, exchanging or distributing content involving a matter depicting sexual content involving a minor and sexual exploitation of a child.

 On 08-29-2104, at approximately 12:00 p.m. Sheriff's Detectives drove to Haynes home and arrested him on the felony arrest warrant. He was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Dino Cardelli hearing continued and public defender appointed as counsel

Review hearing scheduled for Sept 5 in Courtroom 8. Cardelli, a former pastor, was accused of molesting a victim who was his adopted daughter. He plead guilty the day his trial was to begin, was sentenced to 18 years in prison and recently appealed that sentence.

River bar suspect Douglas Flowers guilty of battery; not guilty on 1 count and mistrial on 1 count

Douglas Flowers, the suspect in the incident at the River Bar in Ferndale was found guilty in Count 2  by the jury of battery on Shiloh Kunkle, not guilty on Count 3 of public intoxication and a mistrial was declared in Count 1 which was battery causing great bodily injury.

The jury could not reach an unanimous verdict on Count 1. The jury was split 8 /4 and  Judge Reinholtsen did not ask which numbers were for guilty or non-guilty.

Only 1 juror stayed and spoke with both attorneys, DDA Roger Rees and defense counsel Glenn Brown. While the jurors mostly found Brian Merle a credible witness, another witness' testimony caused the split.

Mr. Brown said he was disappointed the jury did not come back with a not guilty on all counts. DDA Roger Rees said the "jury did an incredible job of considering all the evidence." Mr. Rees said the testimony of the witness that the jury could not agree on was from someone who was 16 years old when this incident occurred. Mr. Rees is going to speak to the victim in Count 1 and the family to see if he will refile charges.

Aug 28, 2014

Eureka Fifth Ward City Council member Chet Albin emphasized jobs at his election kick-off today

Council member  Chet Albin said he was very pleased with the turnout at his election kick-off today. Chet told me that he emphasized jobs today in his speeech. "The City of Eureka just cut four million from the city budget. We need a new revenue source to increase operating capital."

Chet's speech:

I have always looked for a fulfilling way to give back to my community, which has been so good to me throughout my life and career here.

I was honored when my good friend Lance Madsen asked me to fill his seat on the Eureka City Council last year. Since then, it has been my privilege to serve as the Councilmember for the 5th ward, which is why today, I ask for your support so I can continue serving for the next 4 years.

I want to continue working on projects like "Cruise the West," to bring cruise ships to our port, and hope to announce in the near future a new restaurant in the Fisherman's Terminal building behind me.

I want to see our city continue to prosper and grow, and to continue working with the Schneider Dock owners to find ways to provide more living wage jobs in our abundant natural resource industry.

I'm proud of the relationships I have forged with our Police and Fire Departments to provide more public safety, and the Harbor District which helped facilitate the purchase of a dredge for Humboldt Bay.

My background in the Navy, as a sports official, as a missionary, as a local business owner, and as a public official has helped cultivate a sense of duty and responsibility to help make our community the best it can be. I believe in doing my part to give back, and as your 5th Ward City Councilmember, I promise to continue to do just that.

In conclusion, please help me move this positive agenda for Eureka forward by voting for me on November 4th.

Thank you for coming today and I will appreciate your support.

Supervisor Ryan Sundberg comments on on Federal Judge's decision to deny restraining order to stop release of water into the Trinity River

"I was ecstatic that the Judge realized the dire state our local rivers are in," said Supervisor Ryan Sundberg. "I'm hopeful we will protect our limited natural resource for another year and I am committed to continuing our work on the long term solution."

Aug 27, 2014

Jury currently deliberating the fate of River bar "White Power" suspect Douglas Flowers

Remember the River Bar incident involving alleged beatings and racist remarks about "White Pride" and "White Power" by father-son duo Douglas and Curtis Flowers and Chris Hanley aka Combs.

The jury went into deliberations yesterday. The case was prosecuted by DDA Roger Rees and Douglas Flowers was represented by Mr. Glenn Brown.

The jury will decide Flower's fate and if he did indeed punch a young woman and yell racial insults. I sat in and listened to the testimony of one of the prosecution's witnesses and Mr. Rees' closing arguments.

EPA secret maps for water control?

Weigh in readers.

Humboldt lovey dovey duo get a friend arrested in court

Lance Borgner and Christina Higgins are set to have their cases go on trial. This is for the crime that they allegedly committed with William Hillegeist. Once again, they ignored rules and tried to make a love connection. The baliff admonished them today and this time loudly, "Kids, no talking!"

Higgins complied but Borgner was undeterred. What would a court appearance be for the lovey dovey duo if there was no drama involved each time they show up for court.

Another friend of theirs who showed up in court decided to chat with Borgner from the audience. This went on for a while despite silent admonishment. This has a few times happened before and there  are signs warning people not to chat with inmates. Finally another baliff walked up and arrested the friend and cuffed him in court and took him into custody.

No one has been arrested before, usually people step out or stop. Amidst the cuffing and the man being led away while attorneys were trying to conduct business for another case, I was talking with Benjamin Carter's attorney Michael Acosta. I learned that the man arrested was his client. The guy returned to court later to briefly chat with Mr. Acosta.

Upon hearing that the case was going to jury trial, Higgins burst into tears as she was led back to custody. Borgner was nonchalant.