Jun 27, 2017

EPD responding to Bayshore Mall for alleged juvenile on juvenile assault

Eureka Police Department responding to the Bayshore Mall.  Security has one juvenile detained for allegedly assaulting another juvenile.

Giddings found guilty of second degree murder; Huntzinger found not guilty

After several read backs, the jury in the Giddings-Huntzinger case came back with this verdict.

Billy Joe Gidding guilty of 2nd degree murder.  Robert Louis Huntsinger not guilty.

Giddings will be sentenced August 16.

Yesterday's post on alleged assault at Chevron results in two leads, same name

Yesterday, I did a post on an alleged assault on a local business owner that received great response .

I received a confidential tip on a possible match to the alleged suspect. And two comments on the original post, same name, one with an address. Another facebook comment, same name.

$500,000 bail set for Michael Grant charged with attempted murder

Michael Grant was arraigned today on his attempted murder case, which is Count 1 with a special allegation. Charges below:

James Pawlyk refuses to come to court for the third time saying "he will need to be forcibly brought down"

Cowboy hat wearing, alleged crime spree suspect refused to come to court for the third time this afternoon.

Visiting Judge Terrance Boren was informed by the bailiff that Pawlyk said "he will have to be forcibly brought down."

Arraignment was continued until tomorrow with Judge Boren ordering that force be used, if neccessary to ensure Pawlyk's presence in court.

Delay after delay, jury trial reset again, two years later David Viveiros' alleged victims await their day in court

A trial date was set for David Viveiros, yet again, this morning in Courtroom 3. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for July 19 at 8:30 a.m. Trial confirmation on September 20 at 8:30 a.m. and Jury trial for October 10 at 9:15 a.m.

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Jury trial vacated for Jesus Garcia homicide; rescheduled for October

                                  (Joe Olivio III)

Signal pole and control box for new traffic light in Cutten vandalized this weekend

This weekend someone tagged/spray painted the new Signal Poles and Control Box installed in Cutten, according to First District Supervisor Rex Bohn.

Public Works cleaned up their mess.

Jun 26, 2017

"This is unfortunately what Eureka has become", businessowner considers moving back to Marin after being allegedly attacked

Text of craigslist post:

"Tonight I was accosted by a knife-wielding individual at the Chevron on 101 south, who repeatedly hit my car window, first with his knife, then with his fist repeatedly. Thank God my window was closed or he would have hit my neck with his knife and probably killed me. He came from the red car. Do you know him? Then please contact the EPD at 441-4044, case number 17-005048. You or your family could be next.

With 3 justices dissenting, U. S. Supreme Court orders states to list same sex couples on birth certificates



"On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution requires states to list married same-sex couples on their children’s birth certificate. "