Oct 9, 2018

Does clean campaigning include blatant misinformation, especially at an event of an opponent of a HCDCC endorsed candidate ?

Pam Service is one of three District 4 representatives listed on the Humboldt Democrats site. Her husband Bob Service is also a District 4 representative.

She was at the October 5 press conference where eight of the Eureka City Council candidates spoke about clean campaigning. Image is from KIEM video.

This woman came to my meet and greet and attempted to harass me in front of supporters," Michelle Costantine told me. "She is everywhere I go."

"On Sunday September 30 at my meet and greet at Sequoia Park we had an ice cream social. As people gathered with their kids and grandkids in line, a woman came into line right behind me and my son."

"The young person she was with were very excited and that's when she began to demean me. She says with a very pointed voice,  'I am not taking anything from her!  I do not support this woman for Mayor! I will pay for our own ice cream. I will not take money from her she is a Republican!" 

"I turned and calmly said, 'That is not true I am registered as a Democrat. She then continued to aggressively say, well... you are endorsed by Republicans!' I then said, 'That's not true either but, thank you for spreading misinformation. This is a non partisan race and I have chosen not to be endorsed by any political party. "

"If you would like an ice cream great! If you want to buy your own that's fine too." People in line began to chuckle. She was shot down. Needless to say I saw her go sit down on the bench afterwards next to a man who I later found out is Bob Service."

Bob Service used the same misinformation about being a Republican when he talked to Michelle Costantine about an endorsement. 

Bob Service told Michelle Costantine " "Honestly we wouldn't have given you the endorsement because of who you  are affiliated with. You have signs all over town with Republicans."

When she corrected him about being a Democrat, he said, "Well Michelle, you are the company you keep".  Michelle Costantine also told Bob Service that people who support her may also support other candidates; she has no control over what other signs are placed next to her signs.

She received this letter in an envelope with no stamp.  Just like the 9.a.m notification to four candidates to respond by 11 a.m. regarding the October 5 conference, Michelle Costantine got this letter "the day of the Democratic Central Committee event. "

If intimidation, hate and bullying is what the October 5  press conference was really about, I expect those endorsed by HCDCC in the 2018 Eureka City Council elections to  have a chat with Bob and Pam Service.

HDCC has endorsed Kim Bergel (Ward 5 incumbent), Susan Seaman (Mayoral candidate), Hailey Lamb (Ward 1) and Natalie Arroyo(Ward 3) in the Eureka City Council races.

From HCDCC website:

Hailey Lamb is a newcomer to local politics. She is self funded. She is the only one from the eight at the press conference fair in her treatment of all media and she has reached out to groups with different beliefs, including conservatives.  The career Democrats and their handlers could learn from her how to conduct a professional campaign.

Hailey Lamb hasn't been a part of the local entrenched Democrat clique but the others have been around long enough to know that press conferences mean zip.  One's supporters and partisan organizations supporting the rest of the 7 are not part of any document that a candidate has signed. Anonymous facebook pages are a cowardly and hypocritical and not clean campaigning. If one had facts, one would not need to hide and be anonymous.

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  1. Two of the eight are self-identified conservatives.

    And none of the eight have supporters who are threatening private businesses for having the wrong signs up. If they did, they would shut it down immediately, or try to. But certain candidates want to have it both ways - they want to benefit from the misbehavior, but not be tainted with it. So they deny that the person is involved with the campaign, even as they refuse to condemn those actions.

    Kudos to Ms. Arroyo for the leadership she showed on Friday.

    1. Eric, who you consider conservative does not count. To you anyone who is not far left or communist or socialist is conservative. You have obvious choices in these races and you have your own blog where you can spin whatever you want. Not to mention how active you have been online advocating your causes and candidates. The allegation by Natalie Arroyo had no specifics, no names, no details except allegations against Storme Winter. Jack Reike is funder of Jeannie Breslin. Who said it, to whom, when and where? Even if you can prove that Storme said it and I am not defending Storme, especially since what Natalie said has not been proven, it has nothing to do with the behavior above.

      Do not deflect from what Bob and Pam Service did. But that is the typical local left tactic. Deflect, deny, and defend because double standards is typical of the local activist left.