Oct 9, 2018

Certain HCDCC members have endorsed Leslie Castellano, is that a violation of HCDCC bylaws?

The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee has endorsed Hailey Lamb in the Eureka Ward 1 race. As they should, she is the only registered Democratic candidate running for Ward 1.

Allen McCloskey, Richard Salzman and Peter LaVallee have also endorsed Leslie Castellano, a Ward 1 candidate, a member of the Green Party.

See the first sentence on this page of HCDCC by laws.

Allen McCloskey is on a HCDCC committee. Is his endorsement of Leslie Castellano violation of HCDCC bylaws?

I cannot edit the image to exclude the street addresses of Peter LaVallee and Richard Salzman but they are members of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee. Do the bylaws apply to them as individuals endorsing Leslie Castalleno or not?

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