Jan 3, 2017

Thanks Greg Dale, Humboldt Bay Commissioners and Pacific Choice Seafoods for stiffing local fishermen, embarassing Humboldt nationally, local enviros and activists mum, why?

So Pacific Choice Seafood won't pay local fishermen what they deserve;  smaller companies could but won't?

What does former Humboldt Bay Commissioner and newly elected Third District Chair Mike Wilson have to say about this or Humboldt Bay Commisoner Greg Dale have to say about Pacific Choice Seafood?

Coast Seafood is owned by the Portland-based Pacific Seafood.

Same goes for Humboldt Bay Commissioner Richard Marks. Wasn't he a labor guy at some point?

Aren't the people mentioned above supposed to be looking out for local jobs and economy?

Aren't Coast and Pacific Choice the same folks who want all the oyster leases on the bay?

I guess monoply and stiffing local working men and women and making profit is okay, if you are approved by the local liberal hypocrites.

Apparently, Pacific Choice Seafoods was too busy to make a comment to North Coast News, according to their 6 p.m newscast today.  The web version says they had no comment. Didn't call CNBC back, either.


Here are some more links about lawsuits against Pacific Choice Seafoods alleging abuse of power:



And then there is the lawsuit filed by the late Leo Sears, locally against Greg Dale.


Another lawsuit against Coast Seafoods:


Press Release:
Dungeness crab fishermen continue to tie up in support of the $3.00/per pound price for Dungeness crabs in California, Oregon and Washington State.  The $3.00 price had been being paid for all crab deliveries in California and Southern Oregon since November 15, 2016.  On or about December 22, 2016, Pacific Group announced their intention to reduce the ex-vessel for crabs by .25 cents to $2.75 effective Monday December 26, 2016.  District 7 fishermen refused the lower price drop and tied up their boats. 
As of today, fishermen from Westport, WA to Bodega Bay, CA are on strike. In the ports of San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, those boats will tie up at midnight tonight.  They are presently fishing for $3.00/pound or more for their crabs.

No action or progress is expected over the New Year’s holiday. Small and medium sized fish companies are anxious to resume buying crabs at $3.00, but are unwilling to risk buying crabs if Pacific Group is successful in lowering the price.


  1. Greg Dale is the Manager of Coast Seafood, not Pacific Choice Seafood.

    You're off base in your attack.

    1. Try reading the post again since you didn't get the point the first time, it isn't just about Pacific Choice Seafood.