Jan 25, 2017

Article claims affordable housing is now a middle class issue in California


What’s driving this housing crisis? It’s a classic problem of supply and demand. Put simply, the state doesn’t build enough housing to accommodate its population growth. California is home to roughly 13 percent of the nation’s population, and has slightly greater than average population growth. Yet, over the last 20 years the state has accounted for only 8 percent of all national building permits.

 This chronic lack of new residential construction has led to the higher costs associated with less inventory (low housing vacancy rates) and elevated levels of overcrowded housing (8.2 percent of Californians live in overcrowded circumstances compared to 3.4 percent of all Americans).


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  1. The words "affordable housing" are a falsehood and a perpetrated lie placed in bold letters to trick the readers and naive citizens. There has never been affordable housing in the last 40 years for local residents. Fifteen years ago articles in the Times-Standard assessed the need for a liveable wage to be at least $90,000. Only our judges,elite HSU professors,school superintendants, and a few city managers make this pay scale. Therefore, buying a house for $250,000 to $1+ million is naturally out of reach. Then along comes the endowment Freedymae Democrat's cash cow to loan money to nonworthy home buyers to eventually collapse the housing market. A happy democrat buying a house they can't afford will always vote for the cash cow provider-the Dems. So where does Humboldt fit in? Same scenario-a free handout, subsidized Danco projects for low income, Arcata's near free housing units that just keep showing up in commieville. The normal worker in Humboldt will never earn enough to buy a home. That's a fact and to can take that to the bank. Oh by the way, don't trust the realtors-they get their commission and could care less if the sale defaults down the road.
    Good luck travelling on the hamster wheel!