Jan 16, 2017

City of Fortuna says " Marci, no claim for you!''

Fortuna city staff had recommended that the Fortuna City Council reject Marci Kitchen's claim against the City. It was on the agenda for January 17th.

The Fortuna City Council voted to follow that staff recommendation.

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  1. The City of Fortuna thanks you John Chiv. We need the truth only YOU provide.

  2. Chew on that Marci....

  3. Just as I wouldn't read too much into the other family members "dropping" their claims, I wouldn't read too much into the city rejecting this claim. Government rejection of claims against it is standard operating procedure, just as entering a plea of not guilty on the first day of a criminal trial is. It means that the claimant has to go forward with filing an action in court, and that's all it means.