Jan 21, 2017

EPD responding to 4th and H streets for alleged blocking of traffic and vandalism of SUV

OSS Update at 3:41:

"Multiple agencies now on scene at protest downtown.  Traffic re-direction efforts happening so best to avoid 4th and 5th Street for now.

Update - EPD requesting misc riot control equipment.  If you are in this area and not part of the situation it would be best to leave now. 1541 hrs"

According to a Operation Safe Streets post five minutes ago,  " Eureka Police responding to 4th and H Street for 15-20 subjects blocking traffic and also reports of someone vandalizing a white SUV.  Officer on scene reports several subjects blocking 4th St."

Communications are not being broadcast over regular scanner channel but tactical channel.

HCSO on scene as well. EPD declared the protesters blocking traffic as "unlawful assembly", asked them to move to the sidewalk or they will be arrested.

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