Jan 14, 2017

LOCO's Thunderdome hits a new low; comments about rape on a post remain despite calls for removal

More "professionalism" from the local liberal and arrogant  so called "press."

I thought liberals were about women's rights, yet only a couple of people called out these disgusting comments.

In the article on LOCO's post on the missing woman, it is disgusting that despite requests one comment about rape and another about suggested sexual conduct are still there. They may disappear after this post. This kind of trash talk isnt new in Thunderdome

Here is one comment and responses:

Mmmm ripe and retarded, just perfect for my rapes.

Since I started calling out NCJ and LOCO on their bad reporting and mistakes, they are no longer linking me. That's the real reason, no matter what their supporters or they  spin.  They also think that they have the power to affect my site traffic, they don't.  I don't want to be associated with such garbage.

I consider both the trashiest examples of so called "local journalism". They are Humboldt County's local CNN and buzzfeed. LOCO thinks they can dictate who is "breaking news", by promoting who they like. They have, with five staffers, mostly  press releases and now they are a day or two behind other with news.

How many hits do they generate when you take out Thunderdome clicks from the same people and traffic from Elsewhere?

LOCO's comments have dwindled and any post that has a lot, has the same commenters with multiple comments. Those of course, that LOCO deems to approve and not ban.

As predicted, no credit given by NCJ or Kimberly Wear on my breaking the Magney story and reporting on it several times. Petty and unprofessional. A regular reader of mine commented about that and those comments are not  there.

So any local business who advertises on LOCO and NCJ  should be "proud" that they support this kind of "journalism." And those that link LOCO advocate such trashy, unmoderated comments that encourage violence against women.

Now this comment below, is in response to someone mentioning the Magney case.

A regular LOCO commenter or troll, (depending on your point of view) challenges a reader pointing out proper credit. See how many times cu2 has comments on this thread.

LOCO's thunderdome has regular trolls shutting down anyone not in their clique.

I give credit to LOCO and NCJ, even links; but clearly basic journalism  101 isn't in their training.

    • Better yet, since John Chiv covered the story from the beginning and has copies of all the documents, check out his coverage...I ended up chasing down (not literally, online) the woman responsible for the original mess...she still works for the County but not in the same department. Talk about gross misuse of authority. And everyone else that came along and jumped on the band wagon. Disgusting, just disgusting. DO year the Chiv article and read how royally pissed the judge was. I hope copies of that judgment go in the personnel files of everyone involved.

While LOCO's Ryan Burns did mention that I wrote about Marci Kitchen's claim against government entities and mentioned Times Standard who reported it later, they made a big deal about mentioning Kym Kemp who reported the story next morning. I like Kym, but this is another example of LOCO's selective spin.

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