Jan 16, 2017

How actively is HCSO investigating the case of who sold Ryan's ashes back to his parents?

After the post below appeared on social media, community members contacted me saying that they were concerned that HCSO had not assigned any detectives to this case and that they have been working on any information and leads to help law enforcement.

I have contacted HCSO to ask about this claim. Undersheriff William Honsal responded to me this afternon and I am updating the post with his response.

"This is an ongoing investigation and our detectives are involved, but Deputy Wilcox is the lead."

I also contacted DA Maggie Fleming with the question about attorney Kathleen Bryson's involvement in this and questions from the community.

Ms. Fleming is out of town for a work conference until January 23 acvording to an automated email response.

This is the post on facebook from the Bring Ryan Home case:



On Friday the 13th the sheriffs department received a call from Kathleen Bryson a local criminal defense attorney saying that a client of hers had access to Ryan's ashes and wanted to split the reward money with the thieves or else the people who had Ryan's ashes threatened they would dump them.

We were told to gather the 5,000.00 dollars in small denominations because the individuals were paranoid of $100 dollar bills. We met with Kathleen Bryson who said she just wanted to help the situation and gave us the 500$ she was paid by her client and said she was doing this for free.

We handed her 5,000.00 with no real concrete security of knowing she would return with Ryan. We waited 45 minutes for her to return with all of the belongings.

Although we are extremely happy to have Ryan back we are further more disgusted by the criminals behind this for holding Ryan ransom because the reward money basically went to the thieves.

We are still working with authorities and It is our hopes that these criminals can still be brought to justice.

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  1. This situation raises some incredible legal questions.

    First, did the person who reportedly & allegedly contact the attorney to facilitate the $5,000 transaction know what the crime-fraud exception is/was for attorney-client privilege?


    Did the attorney tell her client about this? If not, does it open up an issue of malpractice?

    Next, the issue of filing a complaint with the state bar. Were the actions of the attorney ethical in a greater-good sense of helping the family recover their son's ashes? Reportedly giving the family the $500 her client paid her would appear mitigating but what about the argument that the person who supposedly paid $500 allegedly aided someone to get a return on investment of $4,500?

    There isn't enough information publicly made available (yet) to answer these questions but this is the kind of crazy scenario you would expect to see in a law school exam. It would make for an incredible national news story.