Jan 17, 2017

Joe Kitchen's dismissal of claim against City of Fortuna and County of Humboldt filed today

Mr. Zachary Zwerdling, attorney for Joe Kitchen just informed media and sent a copy that the dismissal of claims against the City of Fortuna and County of Humboldt have been filed.

In a letter sent to the City of Fortuna today, "Joe and Jevin Kitchen hereby waive without prejudice any claims against the City of Fortuna on Dangerous Condition of Public Property."


  1. Dropping the claims "without prejudice" means they reserve the right to reinstate the claims later. So it is incorrect to believe that this means that they have given up the claims forever. They might reinstate them, they might not. I wouldn't read too much into this move.

  2. Ed, at least they dropped the claims and Mr. Zwerdling explained why he filed it. Compared to Marci Kitchen, who has the gall, to still have her claim going, no comments from her attorneys and delay, after delay for a preliminary. Why doesn't she follow Joe Kitchen's example?