Jan 12, 2017

City of Fortuna staff recommendation is to reject Marci Kitchen's claim

The City of Fortuna agenda has the claim and letter by Marci Kitchen in the agenda.

Staff recommendation is to reject the claim after reviewing it with REMIF. The recommendation also states tbe road in question is not located in the City of Fortuna but the County of Humboldt.

Same claim by Joe Kitchen. Staff recommends rejection of that claim as well.

Both are unlimited civil cases. If the dollar amount claimed exceeds $10,000, it does not have to be included on the form. An unlcimited civil case exceeds $25,000.

Spoke with Mr. Zwerdling this morning. This was his response:

  “Attorney Zach Zwerdling, who represents the father and brother of the deceased girl explained that the claim was necessary. “It was my decision to file,” he said. “The government code is very strict.” If, he said, Kiya’s brother and father did not file within 6 months (which would have been January 12) they never would have been able to file. “We anticipated that Griego and Okin [Marci Kitchen’s attorneys] would do that. It’s common in cases like this. We did this to protect Joe and Jevin’s rights.”

According to California law, family members including siblings of those who die without children are entitled to make a claim for compensation for the loss of their loved one’s presence in their life.”


  1. John, what is happening with this whole case? Is she ever going to trial? This is so unbelievable.

  2. The next court date is March 17. So far, her preliminary hearing has not been held. If I get any new information before then, I will post it.

    1. Actually intervention is March 16, preliminary hearing is the 20th. The 17th was on my mind because I wanted to check that morning, after intervention, to see if the 20th date would be final.

  3. Oh I was reading about this this morning!