Jan 8, 2017

Alexander told his stepdaughter "that if she told, the family would be separated, she would be taken away from him and if he went to prison, people would beat him up and do bad things to him."

Sgt. Musson had spoken with Mario Alexander's wife Julianna and she told him that "prior to the allegations, they were already on the outs. Living in the same residence but not sleeping together."

The CAST interview for Jane Doe #2 was on April 27, 2016 at 2 p.m. That was also conducted by CWS' Dorie Larson.

Jane Doe #2 was nine years old at the time of the CAST interview.  "Her mother told her that she was going to counseling to talk about what happened."

Jane Doe #2 told Larson that her mom was mad at Mario Alexander because he had been touching her.

"Mario had told Jane Doe #2 that if she told, the family would be separated, she would be taken away from him and if he went to prison, people would beat him up and do bad things to him."

The last time Jane Doe # 2 said that Alexander touched her was "March 29/30", said Sgt. Musson, "she did not elaborate but she did elaborate o incidents prior to that. The victim did not provide exact dates but said that it progressed in seriousness."

"It began with him touching her breast area and rubbing her on her buttocks area." Sgt. Musson said that "this was a few years prior, around 6 years old.

"Around age 7, he touched her girl parts. when asked to clarify, she said what her mom calls vagina."

"It started with hands over her clothes and moved to under clothes and moved from front to her buttocks and vaginal area. Sometimes his hand stayed there, sometimes he rubbed her."

Jane Doe # 2 said that Alexander had her touch him. "She stated that Mr. Mario put her hand on his penis," said Sgt. Musson. "She had a 16 or 20 ounce soda bottle with her and acted out, pardon my language, giving the subject a hand job."

"At first he asked her if he could his penis in her butt," said Sgt. Musson. "When she said no, he told her to put her mouth on his penis."

"She said his ejaculate came in contact with her mouth. She described the coloration and said at one time it was clear, another time it was sticky and she said it was gross."

Jane Doe # 2 said Alexander told her "ejaculate only makes babies if it is in the butt."

Sgt. Musson said that Jane Doe #2 described in movie script detail the third time Alexander "placed her mouth on his penis." She said he also ejaculated the fourth time this happened.

She also described when the contact with penis started and when the contact with hand and penis started. She said it happened once a month in the last year.

Jane Doe # 2 said that she "watched movies with Mr. Mario on a tablet in their home, on the couch in the living room," said Sgt. Musson. "She described she watched girls putting mouth on boys' parts."

Jane Doe #2  described that "he put his hands down her pants; he put his hands on her clitoral area and part and rubbed her," said Sgt. Musson. "Her exact words were rubbing in the middle , she said you know how you pee."

Jane Doe # 2 "stated that she would be kept home from school for Daddy-Daughter day." ane Doe # 2 said her mom was at work and "the other kids were gone at that time. Only her and her stepdad were at home"

"Upon completion of sex acts, she would be taken to Bounce-a-palooza or other places children go to have fun," testified Sgt. Musson.

Most of the time, these alleged sex acts took place "on the couch or in front of the couch in the living room." The first time Alexander touched her, "his pants were down" and Sgt. Musson said she described "boxer type" underwear. "Last time he had her touch him and orally copulate him," she described the underwear to be "a yellow/green" and "like girl underwear but where there is a place in front for boy part."

"When he touched her girl part, it made her cold and made her shiver."

Deputy District Attorney had Sgt. Musson identify People's Exhibit 1 and 2 which were then admitted into evidence. Exhibit 1 was a green/yellow underwear (briefs) being held up by Detective Cheryl Franco that were found after a search warrant had been served on Alexander's mother's home in Eureka. He was staying with his mother since he left the home he shared with his wife.

Exhibit #2 was a different pair of green/yellow underwear "with a slit in the middle" as identified by Sgt. Musson.

Alexander was arrested and a statement was taken from him; a pretext call was made to him by his ex wife;  a DNA swab was taken for comparison from Jane Doe #2. There was blood on one pair of the underwear. IPhone was also taken and given to DA Investigator Martin Perrone.

Alexander's ex wife was the last and third witness for the People. She said that the Daddy Daughter day was Alexander's idea. Jane Doe # 1 is the daughter of a friend of hers. She also testified that Alexander knew her work schedule.

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  1. That's a new low in loathsomeness....I don't know the law but I hope the penalties are huge....