Jan 7, 2017

This is what community is about; also shout out to James and Rebecca Cunha for being positive success role models for turning their life around

This is what community is all about. Mckinleyville Community Watch is a great group and stories like this are part of the norm.

Kevin Jenkins is a great example of a local business person and community leader.

So proud of Rebecca and James Cunha who have turned their life around.

Photos and facebook text reproduced below with pernission from Cyndi Bainbridge-Wright:

"On Tuesday, January 3, McKinleyville Lions Club members received a phone call from an elderly Eureka resident who stated that she had contacted several organizations in Eureka, to no avail and called us on the off chance that we may be able to help. She stated that she did not sign up for the senior wood voucher because she had thought that she was going to be in the hospital, have surgery and then be in a rehab facility over the winter. Her surgery was postponed and she had run out of wood. She had some rounds scattered in her back yard that she had a neighbor try to split for her with an ax but they were too knotty. She was wanting to know if we knew of anyone who would be able to help her get the rounds split so that she might have enough wood to last the rest of the winter. A post was made on the McKinleyville Community Watch page for possible assistance. Kevin Jenkins from McKinleyville ACE immediately stepped up and generously offered the use of a log splitter for this endeavor. On Thursday, January 5, McKinleyville Lions Bob Wainwright, Mark Wainwright, Cyndi Bainbridge-Wainwright and four volunteers were able to gather, split, haul and stack the rounds that were scattered in her yard. We would like to thank Rebecca Cunha, James Cunha and Jay McReynolds for their assistance to make sure that one of our community members in need will be able to stay warm. And a special thank you to Kevin Jenkins for continuing to assist our club and the community with projects like this"

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