Jan 25, 2017

California Supreme Court denies Humboldt County Counsel's request to depublish Magney case; fourth defeat for County

Fourth loss for County, again. Way to go County Counsel, nothing like being humilated nationally, again, and it is permanent.

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  1. And NCJ continues to behave as if they were the origin and source of news on this case. I'm sure any comments about your coverage (early and continuing) would be deleted so I'll deny LOCO and NCJ that false pleasure.
    I do wonder how much this has cost the county in fees, extra work for county employees and who knows what else. I'm sure there are other things that could have benefited from those moneys.

    The thing about having a ruling depublished (or not published in the first place, which is what the County wanted) is that the ruling can't be cited in subsequent cases.
    So as it stands now, every time there's a case at all similar about end of life instructions or county employees intruding into an area where they have no authority, some lawyers is going to cite this case....and Humboldt is going to get the same black eye all over again. More people will read the scathing criticism set for in the ruling and whether they laugh (if the ruling helps their case) or cry (the ruling hurts their case and future country cases), it will be remembered.
    And because it is published the name of every county employee involved in the case will stay there online...someone wants a job....potential employer does a search...hmmm....certainly didn't do that right...hmmm...and that was wrong....doesn't sound like someone we want in our business....let's look at the next candidate.
    People in small towns and small counties don't always expect a lot from their public officials because they really haven't always seen ethical, responsible, reliable, sober behavior from some of them. So they don't judge them the same way someone who is used to a higher quality of performance and a better character.
    Sort of like painting yourself into a corner...

  2. Lol Gabrielle. It is the kind of petty reaction from insecure people. My readers know by now and it amuses me. You know what they say about imitation and flattery. Always great to read your insightful comments, even when we disagree :)