Jan 8, 2017

"Her daughter said that Mr. Mario stuck his hand down her pants, touched her buttocks and front parts."

This is a link to a 2011. Alleged charge drug sales, child endangerment; one suspect MArio D. Alexander.

(this is an older photo from 2011 )

On January 5, I did this post on the arraignment of Mario D. Alexander for a 2016 case and the charges and outcome of his preliminary hearing.


Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads is prosecuting this case. Ms. Meagan O' Connell from the Public Defender's office was appointed to represent Alexander.

Today's post is the detailed testimony of the first two witnesses. First to testify was HCSO Deputy Eric Morris and then HCSO Sgt. Greg Musson about the allegations made by Jane Doe #1.

On April 18, 2016, Deputy Morris responded to a call regarding an allegation of child molestation. Reporting Party was a Shannon (last name withheld for the post). Deputy Morris contacted her and initially spoke to her over the phone.

In response to a question by Ms. Eads, Deputy Morris said, "That morning Shannon spoke to her daughter about going to Mr. Mario's house and that her daughter said she did not want to go to Mr. Mario's house. Her daughter said that Mr. Mario stuck his hand down her pants, touched her buttocks and front parts."

The daughter also told Shannon that she "woke up in the middle of the night with her legs spread open and Mr. Mario was in the room at the time."

The daughter told her mother that these incidents happened sometime in March 2016. A Humboldt Hill address was given in court (exact address not printed in post).

Ms. Eads asked Deputy Morris what Shannon told him triggered the revelation and what he said after he took this report. Deputy Morris said he contacted CWS and other agencies.

Later on April 18, Deputy Morris contacted Alexander and asked him to leave the residence for the protection of his step daughter until the investigation was complete. Jane Doe #2 is his step daughter who lived at the residence with him and his wife, Julianna (now ex wife). Jane Doe #1 is the alleged victim, whose mother is Shannon.

Alexander "was aware" as was his wife why he was at their residence, said Deputy Morris.

Throughout the testimony of Deputy Morris, Alexander's mother and another woman in court talked, sometimes softly but usually loud enough to cause a distraction.

The CAST (Child Abuse Services Team) received a referral, said Sgt. Musson. He read the report by Deputy Morris and on the same day was contacted by a social worker from CWS stating that "another victim was making the same allegations."

Jane Doe # 1's CAST interview took place on April 22 at 10 a.m. Present from CWS was Dorie Larson, who conducted the interview, DA Investigator Steve Dunn, Sgt. Musson and Carrie Call from Victim Witness. Only Ms. Larson was in the room with Jane Doe #1. Tge rest observed the interview.

Jane Doe #1 said she was eight years old and "turning 9 in 12 days, which would be May 4." Ms. Larson spoke to Jane Doe # 1 about truth and lie. Jane Doe #'s 1 response was that "she had to tell the truth or she could not fix what was broken."

Sgt. Musson said that Jane Doe #1 knew why she was there; because of what she had told her mother about what happened while she was being "babysat" and Jane Doe # 1 indicated who babysat her, said Sgt. Musson.

"she said over different, several times Mr. Mario had placed his hands under her pants and also on top of her pants and fondled her buttocks."

"She said he had first touched her about a month prior but didn't give the exact date," said Sgt. Musson.

"The first time he just placed his hand over her buttocks area and asked her if she liked that," said Sgt. Musson. Jane Doe described she was in a standing position leaning on the wall and that happened in front of another young child in the room.

In a different incident, Jane Doe # 1 said "Mr. Mario was seated on a couch and asked her to come over. She believed it was to cuddle. She sat on his lap. At some point, he placed his hands inside her pants and touched her buttock area."

When asked how many times the touching took place, Sgt. Musson said, "I believe he touched her a few times; I recall two for sure."

Jane Doe #1 "had spent the night on one occasion," said Sgt. Musson ." She was on the top bunk of in the children's room. She was clothed. She was awoken to her legs being spread apart. "

Jane Doe #1 told Ms. Larson that Jane Doe #2, her friend had been spanked by Mr. Mario and so she was fearful of him. Jane Doe #2 also told Jane Doe # 1 that she had been touched by Alexander.

Jane Doe # 1 told Larson why she waited to tell her mother. Sgt. Musson said, "she stated she was scared. She said it made her uncomfortable and she was scared."

At this point, Alexander's mother loudly said stuff while Sgt. Musson was responding, including "crackhead."

"The last time it occurred was a month prior to telling her mom," said Sgt. Musson. Jane Doe # 1 said that Alexander touched her buttocks under her pants.

When Alexander did this, Jane Doe # 1 said and he paraphrased what she said and was thinking at the time. "Please God make him stop. She believed God must have heard her because he stopped."

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