Jan 28, 2017

"I asked Mr. Main if he had assaulted a 17 year old female. He said he had touched her butt."

On January 9 at 3:01 p.m., HCSO Deputy Luke Mathieson was dispatched to a laundry facility for a report of sexual battery.

He testified on January 26 that when he arrived at the Sweet Spot, located at 3100 Hiller Road in Mckinleyville, he contacted the mother of the victim, Ms. (name not printed in this blog post). She told him that her "17 year old daughter had been sexually assaulted on her butt." She then showed Deputy Mathieson the man, who was inside the laundry facility.

Deputy Mathieson described the man he saw, mid 50s, glasses and then identified the defendant in court.

Deputy Mathieson said that his beat partner, Deputy Stallworth, had arrived at the facility by this time. Deputy Mathieson asked Main for ID and Main gave him his CA driver's license.

"I asked Mr. Main if he had assaulted a 17 year old female," said Deputy Mathieson."He said he had touched her butt."

"Deputy Stallworth stood by with Main while I interviewed Ms. Doe," said Deputy Mathieson.

Deputy Mathieson told Deputy District Attorney Carolyn Schaffer that "my guess would have been 15 years old" regarding Jane Doe.

Deputy Mathieson recounted

"Ms. Doe and her mother had gone to the Sweet Spot to do laundry. While they were doing laundry, Mr. Main walked from across the aisle (washing machines where he was standing) around and stood two feet away from Ms. Doe. He then did a side shuffle step, walked behind her and used his full hand to brush her buttocks from cheek to cheek."

"Ms. Doe confronted him," said Deputy Mathieson. "She said'I yelled WTF.' She told her mother. The owner watched over Mr. Main while Ms. (name of mother not printed in the blog post) went outside to call law enforcement.'

Jane Doe told Deputy Mathieson that Main did not walk towards her facing her, he took side steps, moving closer to her and that "the speed of touching was slow."

After finding out from dispatch that Main had failed to register as a sex offender, Deputy Mathieson placed Main under arrest and "advised him of his Miranda rights." Main told Deputy Mathieson he was a registered sex offender.

After he had been advised of his Miranda rights, Main told Deputy Mathieson his account, which Deputy Mathieson related in court.

"Mr. Main said he dropped off at the laundry facility by his caregiver, Mr. Hardy. Two women were doing laundry. He thought the younger woman was in her 20s, older in her 30s. He said they had picked him out and made him a target. He was pushing the laundry basket and his hand accidentally touched the young female's buttocks. Mr. Main said he felt a rush when his hand touched her buttocks. Mr. Main said that they were out to trap him and that it was the girl's fault for sticking her buttocks in his face Mr. Main said that he had been tempted by the girls to touch them."

Deputy Mathieson then followed up with Jane Doe and her mother. Jane Doe told Deputy Mathieson, "at no point did Mr. Main push past her with a laandry basket."

Deputy DA Carolyn Schaffer questioned Deputy Mathieson, at length of the process in Humboldt about registering a sex offender; who does it; who registered Main and had him identify exhibits, which were entered into evidence.

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