Jan 9, 2017

Mercer Fraser crew rescues woman and her two dogs stranded due to weather

Text and photos from Supervisor Rex Bohn:

"Big Thanks to Mercer Fraser Company, A young lady and her dogs were stranded on a lil island as the river rose this morning Emergency personnel were trying to figure how to access this women and animals and the crew at Mercer Fraser realizing the situation and its immediate need to access took a loader into the river with an operator and a guy in the bucket to rescue her.

Please be safe and aware of where your at!!! Mercer Fraser and guys great job from what is one of the oldest continuing businesses in Humboldt County  Love Humboldt."

1 comment:

  1. This is a no brainer-the idiot homeless woman living illegally on the river bar needs to get her head out of the dark side and act mature-oh I forgot she's a free spirit allowed to do whatever makes her feel good! What about jeopardizing the lives of the equipment driver and the fireman going to retrieve her? this is lunacy at its peak