Jan 18, 2017

Help locate these vehicles involved in an alleged robbery in Mitchell Heights yesterday

Update: Within minutes of posting this, a citizen already called in a tip on one of the vehicles.

I have forwarded the information to HCSO.

"Here are the people who robbed my neighbor yesterday afternoon in Mitchell Hts. I was home saw them and so did another neighbor who photographed their cars. They kicked in a door and stole a TV and guns. Three young guys they were seen walking in the area. Please blog so your readers can be aware. The police did come however they are overwhelmed with all the burglaries taking place during the day. If we all post this stuff we can all be on the lookout. The one license plate is from Fortuna."

According to the neighbor who sent me this, alleged suspects are three white males, "in their 18s to 20s."

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