Jan 6, 2017

If this alleged grow exists, and they get busted due to call on scanner, they only have themselves to blame!

Should have used a quieter car! I did not realize loud noise covered the smell of weed. In that case, police would never bust anyone at a traffic stop if the person had loud music blaring and weed in the car.

Just heard a Sheriff deputy being dispatched on scanner to D street, couldnt catch address.

The reason for the call was : RP  said loud vehicle has been running for hours to cover noise and smell of grow.


  1. Wouldn't by chance be the same D St. house as this one would it?


    1. Good question. Since it happened on a weekend, I have sent an email to the PIO and will have an answer for you tomorrow.

    2. Checked with HCSO today and it was 3400 block in Hydesville.

  2. Undersheriff Honsal added that HCSO went to the address for a noise complaint about a possible grow. It was quiet when HCSO arrived. No further action was taken.