Jan 24, 2017

"Mr. Ulansey is the poster child of conflict of interest."

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is now addressing the appointment on the Planning Commission.

17 applications.

Public comment was taken. Carrie Peyton Dahlberg asked Supervisors not to nominate Lee Ulansey calling him "divisive"
and making decisions detrimental to the environment.

Allen McCloskey Jr. read a prepared statement into record. Recommended Nicole Sager and Sungnome Madrone. He said neither candidate had agenda.

Allen McCloskey said that it had been brought to attention that Mr. Ulansey has threatened certain Supervisors that he would run against them if he was not appointed.

Pat said please do not appoint someone who is donating to your campaigns.

Suzanne Cook, from Mckinleyville,  also spoke out against Lee Ulansey bringing up funding certain Supervisors, his environmental record, brought up Ulansey owns 200 acre of TPZ land that he wants to subdivide and sell.

  • Ulansey's position on GPU was brought up by every speaker so far.

"Mr. Ulansey is the poster child for conflict of interest, " said Ms. Cook.

Next speaker, again, against Lee Ulansey. She stated on record that Ulansey and HUMCPR will initiate a backlash for not getting their way.

Tamara McFarland, in general, did not mention Lee Ulansey but said please appoint someone without any ties to HUMCPR.

Kent Sawatzky, again, the only one supporting Lee Ulansey.

Lora Canzoneri recommended Brian Mitchell.

Brian Mitchell was the only candidate to speak.

Then each Supervisor mentioned their top two. Supervisors Estelle Fennell, Rex Bohn, Virginia Bass and Mike Wilson made remarks before mentioning their preferred choices.

"Partisan politics have no place for a non partisan position ," said Supervisor Fennell.

Adressin allegations saying "me or my colleagues cannot be bought" and people "dont know me" she said is part of mudslinging and fake news. Supervisor Fennell said she wished local discourse would not sink to the level of divisiveness that has been present in the recent election and after. Supervisor Bohn agreed and said he was not as eloquent as Supervisor Fenbell. Supervisor Bass also called Supervisor Fennell eloquent, and asked, "Will you run for President?"

Ryan Sundberg: Brian Mitchell and Virgil Moorehead

Estelle Fennell: Brian Mitchell and Lee Ulansey.

Virginia Bass: Brian Mitchell and Nicole Sager.

Rex Bohn: Brian Mitchell and Elizabeth Campbell

Mike Wilson: Nicole Sager. No second nomination.

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