Jan 15, 2017

I am no fan of Lee Ulansey but TE your spin does not match the facts on the agenda

I am no big fan of Lee Ulansey or HumCPR




However, Tuluwat Examiner's misleading post blaming Supervisor Virginia Bass has  their facts incorrect.

Tuluwat isn't revealing anything  new about Lee Ulansey and Supervisor Ryan Sundberg but it is a rumor, not anything stated by anyone as fact. If they really had their pulse on the whispering grapevine, they would know that it has been rumored that Lee Ulansey wants to run against Supervisor Virginia Bass. All just idle gossip at this point.

The item was put on the agenda for January 17th and has Supervisor Rex Bohn's name on it, not Supervisor Virginia Bass.

Lee Ulansey's appointment is over at the end of this month and it was probably put on the agenda for discussion.

Unless someone steps up to challenge Lee Ulansey or apply, what do you expect will happen?

It says consider the reappointment, not that it is a done deal.

There is also a protocol to be followed that can be viewed by searching April 13 2011. So, Tuesday will tell if proper protocol was followed.

This is the agenda item:

Attachments: Nomination of Board Member to Coastal Commission.pdf
Consider the Reappointment of Lee Ulansey to the Humboldt County Planning Commission
At Large Position (Supervisor Rex Bohn)
That the Board of Supervisors consider the reappointment of Lee Ulansey to the
Planning Commission as an At-Large Commissioner.
Attachments: Reappointment to Planning Commission.pdf

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