Jan 12, 2017

Claim filed by Marci Kitchen against City of Fortuna

According to a claim made on Eel River Crime Stoppers page which I confirmed on the Fortuna City Council agenda for January 16, a claim against the City of Fortuna has been filed by Marci Kitchen by her attorney Patrik Griego.

The State of California, California Department of Transportation and County of Humboldt have also been named in the claim.

I have contacted both Mr. Griego and Kitchen's other attorney, Mr. Benjamin Okin. Mr. Griego contacted me to let me know he will get try and get a response to me tomorrow.

There is also a claim filed by Mr. Zachary Zwerdling on behalf of Joe and Jevin Kitchen.

Contacted Mr. Zwerdling as well. Heard back from his as well.

See my updated post on staff recommendation to reject both claims.

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