Jan 4, 2017

Thank you Mario, City of Eureka worker, for your kindness and hard work this morning

I want to give a shout out to Mario, a city worker, who was working with a crew on a broken water line in Old Town.

This morning I woke up to no water, so did a couple of my neighbors. The city had not given any notice. With no coffee, on a cold winter morning, I wasn't exactly patient in approaching the City workers with why we had no water.

They were puzzled because they had not turned off anything on our block.

My landlord did not know and wasn't in any rush to solve the problem. I would like to thank Jeanine at City Hall and Councilmember Marian Brady who tried to get me information.

It was Mario though, who went beyond what was required, coming over checking the meters, looking for the shut off valves which weren't easily accessible and through a methodical process discovering someone had decided to turn the water off sometime in the early am for part of the block, including my place and an office.

Someone, who had no business, being on the property.

To the idiot who decided to inconvenience a bunch of us as we were trying to get ready for work, simple chores like making coffee and being able to shower in the early hours is a big deal.

Mario's compassion and willingness to help, should be recognized. I called City Hall to pass along how much I appreciated his kind gesture. It took him only a few minutes but this is something that could have taken all morning and all day, without his help. He wanted to make sure that his crew was not responsible.

If it were me, I'd pay the worker on the street more than a bureaucrat. The City of Eureka should be proud to have such an employee.

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