Jan 2, 2017

Reports of ten armed suspects opening fire on sheriff deputies

From Survive the Streets:

We're receiving messages that Harris County (TX) Sheriff's Deputies (near Houston) have responded to a disturbance.  As many of ten armed suspects have taken an elevated position and have fired on deputies.  All deputies are currently unharmed.  Information is very limited at this time, but we have confirmed reports are reliable.

*UPDATE:  News agencies in the area are reporting heavy police presence at the location sent to us.


Update 2:


"Police continue to search for the men who are believed to be armed and dangerous, driving a white Jeep or white SUV, deputies said.

Inside the home, there was a large amount of drugs, police said. The suspects were able to get away with a "large amount" of cash, in excess of $50,000.

No police officers were injured and police did not return fire."

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