Jan 4, 2017

Orick's gain with Deputy Joe but I am not happy with his new assignment

I have my favorite deputies and bailiffs but Deputy Joe Conlin is and will always be my most favorite.   I don't care who is assigned to Courtroom 1, it will always be Joe territory.

Orick is very lucky. Joe has a great sense of humor, the right personality to handle people from all walks of life, stays calm in a very stressful job but don't cross him!

Even after we became good friends, you think he'd cut me some slack once in a while but no, he had to be all bad ass, tow the line and rules on me!

My revenge, writing this sappy post, so his coworkers get to pick on him about it.

Press Release:

Sheriff Mike Downey is pleased to announce Deputy Joe Conlin has been selected to fill the vacant Resident Deputy position for the Orick Community. 
Deputy Conlin is a life-long resident of Humboldt County, having been born and raised in Arcata.  He graduated from Arcata High school in 1992 and spent 15 years in the U.S. Army.  Deputy Conlin served in 6 combat tours during his time in the Army.  He graduated from the College of the Redwoods 101st Police Academy in 2007.
Deputy Conlin was hired by the Sheriff’s Office in December 2007.  He is a certified Evidence Technician, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Field Training Officer, and Explosive Ordnance Device Technician. 
Growing up in a small community, Deputy Conlin is familiar with the benefits and challenges a small community has to offer.  He is looking forward to building a long-lasting relationship with the Orick community.  When you see Deputy Conlin patrolling please take a moment to introduce yourself and say hello.
Deputy Conlin began his full-time resident deputy assignment on January 2nd.  This resident deputy position is funded by Measure Z. 

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