Jan 4, 2017

Nicholas Leigl denied bail reduction as well as supervised release by Judge Cissna, for now

For now, that could change if defense files 995.

Mr. Michael Acosta presented his argument stating that Leigl was not a flight risk and asked for bail reduction or supervised release so his client could go back to work.

He also presented two letters to Judge Timothy Cissna on Leigl's behalf. One was from Leigl's father and one from his girlfriend.

Deputy DA David Christensen told Judge Cissna of the charges filed and that Count 1 with the special allegation was a life without parole crime, and no bail, according to schedule.

Mr. Acosta argued that Judge Arnold Rosenfield only held Leigl to the accessory after fact.

Citing Penal Code 739, DDA Christensen said that the DA's office believes Judge Rosenfield made a legal finding, not factual finding. The defense can file a 995 to challenge that, but at this point, "we ask the Court not to reduce bail. The Court can refer to supervised release."

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