Dec 7, 2016

Clayton Lee Lasinski, suspect in yesterday's officer involved shooting

There is a press conference being held right now at the Eureka Police Department about the officer involved shooting yesterday.

Chief Andy Mills started out by thanking all allied agencies involved, "especially my two captains."

Known to local law enforcement, with.connections to Garberville area,  loaded firearm, hammer cocked found next to him.

Chief Mills said investigation in beginning stages, giving as much information as he can today, investigation will take time.

"We have not interviewed officers, we have not finished interviewing witnesses, " need to finish examing forensic evidence nor finished processing casings.

Lasinki's fleeing from law enforcement extended to five different locations. Several witnesses verified he had a gun; the one found next to him was loaded."

According to two women in the car with Lasinski, he fled because he is wanted in another state. This has not been confirmed by EPD.

Link to a previous arrest and plea in Henry County:

All started out as a traffic stop because Lasinski allegedly ran a stop sign. He did not car jack the Mazda. It was left running while people were in the store.

All four officers involved are on paid administrative leave until the investigation is completed.

Chief Mills said, "I realize each officer is accountable for every round they discharge."

Explaining in details the initial multi agency investigation, followed by an internal investigation by EPD and then the Citizen Oversight committee, Chief Mills said, "I will report to the community."

 Only Eureka Councilmember present was Marian Brady.

Lasinski is 26 years old. He is expected to survive.

All local media was present. Complete statement by Chief Mills can be acessed through the link below, filmed by North Coast News.

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