Dec 7, 2016

Best Western employees tried to detain Lasinski, who allegedly said, "I'm strapped" and then pointed a gun

Some of the key points EPD Chief Andy Mills made today during the  press conference and question and answer with media.

"This is the second OIS (officer involved shooting) in the last six years, which is pretty remarkable for a city this size."

When Best Western employees tried to detain Clayton Lee Lasinski, he said to them, "I' m strapped" and pointed a gun at the employees.

"The time of the day was extremely concerning" with it being rush hour traffic and a commercial area.

"There seems to be a trend (lately) that people are willing to take on police."

When asked about the recent activity of drug busts and guns being found on the street by HCSO and EPD, Chief Mills,said, "This is not good."

"This has been a tough time. In order for Humboldt to become the city it can be, there has to be a culture of law. That cannot take place until we all realize that all of us are responsible for crime."

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