Jul 28, 2016

Kailan Meserve: 15 felonies; 23,years in prison; lifetime registration as a sex offender

DA's press release:

Kailan Meserve was sentenced today after being found guilty earlier this year of 15 felony charges: three counts of forcible rape, six counts of forcible oral copulation, false imprisonment, assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, criminal threats, two counts of sexual battery, and sexual penetration by a foreign object.
At sentencing statements were read to the court describing the impact the defendant’s conduct had on the two victims and members of their families. Superior Court Judge Timothy Cissna imposed a sentence of 23 years in prison, lifetime registration as a sex offender and a lifetime restriction on gun ownership.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett prosecuted the case; attorney Russ Clanton defended Kailan Meserve.


  1. Sometimes there is some justice. Wish the other court case had a just sentence as well. Thank you for all your diligence.

  2. Wow. Eighty-five percent is 19.5 years! That's a decade for each victim. Justice was served today in Superior Court. Let the testosterone-filled, mysognistic grow-culture that he embraced take note. Thanks for all the months of coverage and updates.

  3. This was a good sentence and Meserve is lucky that his conviction did not qualify for the One Strike Sex Law, where certain violent sex crimes earn a lifetime sentence. I am troubled by the letter that John posted indicating that alleged bribes were offered the victim, which BTW after a conviction unclear what good that would have done. Once convicted these sentences have very little discretion and the sentence could not have been really shorter or longer. I hope the Meserve family is fully investigated regarding their conduct in this case. In my mind all it did was make Kailan look more guilty. The courage of the victims in coming forward and sticking with this until the very end after incredible pressure and fear make make them the true heroes of this case.

  4. Thank you Allan for your comment.He only has to serve 85% of the time. He will be on post release community supervision upon release.

  5. I'm relieved his sentence is that long. There wasn't enough evidence regarding witness intimidation, or it would have been charged, too. I'm appalled that not one of his family members or the people from the community who spoke on his behalf expressed an iota of remorse toward either survivor. As Jane Doe #2's dad said, "I hope [he] rots in hell".