Jul 21, 2016

Speculation and rumors rife in Fortuna hit and run; do these two men have any involvement?

Speculation has been rife in the Fortuna hit and run case and will continue because those in the know will not release any information, and the case now goes into the second week.

I have had some information since last Thursday and have not printed it because I have not been able to verify that information or have someone willing to go on record. I do have verification from sources about two men who know Marci Kitchen, but no verification of their involvement with the incident other than that they know Kitchen.

Rumors about the possible suspect having an overdose and/or mental breakdown are just that; rumors at this point. Rumors that a man involved with Kitchen in some way and this incident has a dad who is a local lawyer, have not been verified.

The name "Josh" has been mentioned as the boyfriend of Marci Kitchen; there has been talk of a "Kyle" a Fortuna High graduate,a live-in, with Marci Kitchen.

If any of these people are witnesses or not, they should have been interviewed by now. Even if it is an ongoing investigation, why has no new information, even without names been released?

Listed below is a link to the 911 call on Kym Kemp's site


  1. John, thank you for following these stories. I appreciate the info.
    Speculation isn't rife. The story is rife with speculation.

  2. "Rife with speculation, the story is! Yes, hmmm."