Jul 28, 2016

"We have not come forward before now as we were assured by several parties that everything was taken care of. We no longer feel that way."

This is a letter  sent to Judge Timothy Cissna that was not read in court today for Kailan Meserve's sentencing but it is a part of the package of his sentencing report.

The letter writer sent it to me and has given me permission to print it. I have replaced the actual name in the letter with Jane Doe since she is still confidential. I have also removed the names of anyone else because only the letter writer gave me permission to use her name.

I have removed even the letter writer's name and some other identifying information as of 9:27 p.m. today at the request of Jane Doe.

Read the post below (if you have not already) and the comments. Kailan Meserve has expressed no remorse. Four people including his wife, will speak today. I have never seen anyone speak on the defendant's behalf in a sentencing, especially in such a case.

The letter:

17 July 2016

REFERENCE:   (Jane Doe)

Our names are (names not printed in this post).  We have known Jane Doe since she was in the third grade  She is a very close friend of both of our daughters and like a third daughter to us.  She spent days and weeks with us until she graduated from High School at both our (identifying information removed)

After she graduated high school and was attending university she visited us frequently in (identifying information removed).

We are uncertain what to say in this statement.   (names not printed in this post and some identifying information removed).  We are providing this information to you to help put into context our relationship with Jane Doe.  We are also friends of her parents, particularly her father (name not printed in this post).

We have not come forward before now as we were assured by several parties that everything was taken care of. We no longer feel that way.  Receiving a phone call from Jane Doe  at 3:30 a.m. 3 nights ago has changed that.  She phoned us and was hysterical - it took (name not printed in this post) 10 minutes to calm her down enough to be able to have a conversation with her......it was difficult to understand her between her sobs.  They spoke for 40 minutes.

She is broken - she is terrified - she feels dirty - she is unable to sleep - she is  embarrassed to see friends - she feels she is unable to visit Humboldt County , her home, for fear of running in to a member of the Merserve family.  She feels her life is over and that she will never be whole again.

We watched Jane Doe as she grew from a child into a lovely young lady  Full of laughter - excellent student - loving the children her mother was fostering and spending hours with them.  Befriending the underdog.  She studied hard and attended university and received her degree - she worked hard for that - she was amazing - she is amazing - only now she does not know that about herself.

She received a phone call from a friend and that friend put Kalin Meserves sister on the phone.  She told Jane Doe that they would rather give her money than give it to an attorney..  This is the sister of the man that sexually molested her - not once but twice.  We are shocked at having received this information.

We have also been told, not by Jane Doe, that a financial bribe was offered to them to send a letter of support for K.Meserve.

Jane Doe is in ruins - hopefully she will eventually be able to put behind her what this monster did to her.  Hopefully he will be put away far from Humboldt Country so that Jane Doe will feel comfortable going home to visit her family and friends.

Both (name not printed in the post) and  (name not printed in the post) are available by phone at (contact information removed)

Once again, Judge Cissna, we are not certain that this is the proper procedure for submission of this letter.  We felt compelled to write it  and hope that it will help you.

(names not printed in this post)


Mr. Meserve,

What you did to Jane Doe is shocking - the daughter of a friend of yours - a partner of yours.  You sexually molested her not once but twice.

We would like to know from you how you would feel if your wife or your daughters or your sister was sexually molested - raped -

How does your wife feel now?  How does your sister feel?  How will your daughters feel when they are old enough to understand what you did to destroy a beautiful young woman's life?  How do you sleep at night?

Our beautiful Jane Doe we consider a daughter - you have broken her and harmed her and practically destroyed her.  We, her family and friends, hope that she will someday be whole again.  We will all work with her on that - no way should your evil acts be allowed to take her down.

How do you live with yourself?

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