Jul 30, 2016

Is this what is considered Keep Eureka beautiful? Trash, toilet paper and overgrown foliage?

This is  a native garden allegedly maintained by some volunteer citizen, according to the city sources.

It has not been cut down but should be. It's disgusting. And the garden does not look maintained.

Unless this volunteer citizen wants to come pick up the trash and "police" the transients, Public Works needs to take care of this eyesore.

It is in Old Town on second street between H and I streets where there is a parking lot.

On almost a daily basis, this is the trash, which worsens on the weekends when the lot is not full of cars from neighboring offices.

Lately, this summer, transients with cigar butts, empty bottles, sleeping bags and as you can see toilet paper use it as a bathroom. Yelling and screaming at night. Twice, I had to call the police because politely asking these miscreants to move on, results in them hurling insults. Just called the non emergency number ten minutes ago.

The park benches are used by loiterers.

Lovely sight for tourists and people checking out this place to live.

These are people all over town that chose to hang out, refuse to take advantage of resources because they rather drink, piss, yell and trash public property and residences.

If they just wanted to sleep, rest, it is one thing. I don't want to walk at night, having these a-holes call me names like crackerhead with no provocation or be woken up almost  daily because some drunk cannot get their act together.

Campsites have been established, the lot at third and Commercial houses those that want to change, there are shelters. No reason for these many people out on the streets.

If they have money for bottles of booze and cigarettes and weed daily, it's their choice to be out on the streets all night.

Could the bleeding heart activists give me their phone number so I can send these people to their homes instead of wasting EPD and City and County resources.

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  1. Downtown eureka has always attracted the loonies, shelters are there but they interfere with their chosen life style. Crazy people just roam the streets it's not safe at night