Jul 24, 2016

Kitchen family and friends urge patience with CHP

I have spoken with a family member close to the Kitchen family who wanted the public to know: 

"I can understand people being impatient with CHP. But trust me, there is a reason why this is unfolding the way that it is."

What is interesting is all of a sudden in the last couple of days, Marci Marz (the name Kitchen goes by on facebook) seems to have changed her privacy settings because certain photos are no longer accessible So, her priority is to change facebook  but not to contact CHP?

Stephanie Pearlston has changed her facebook name, after a picture of Josh Pearlston appeared in a comment on Kym Kemp's site.

This is the photo on Kym Kemp's site in an anonymous comment:

This is a photo from Stephanie Pearlston's page that I cropped since there are two children in the same photo:


  1. Yes! Thank you I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed fb changes were made on Marci Marz fb account. I wonder where her head is at putting fb change a top priority and not talking to chp. Maybe she is being pumped full of drugs that numb you to this tragedy maybe she is taking them herself. I know I would want to die if this ever happened to me. Her mental and emotional state must be catatonic because who could live with those thoughts.

  2. Thank you for these updates.
    This community is on edge and frustrated.
    Started following you on the Skylar Nemetz case.
    When there are no answers people find comfort in others who are still thinking about these awful events.

  3. I find the wording in the first sentence of this article to be a bit odd: 'I have spoken with a family member close to the Kitchen family who...' Was it an actual Kitchen family member or a member of some family who is close to their family? What was their reason for desiring to remain unnamed/anonymous? John, can you elaborate and possibly clarify when you spoke to the individual and how contact was made initially?

  4. The wording is as it is on purpose. I will not clarify anything or answer those questions because the reasons for my sources anonymity are confidential. You are commenting anonymously and I have respected that and published your comment. Similarly, that respect extends to me and my source.

    This is a right extended by law to the media that even the courts respect.

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    3. I am aware of and fully respect that your source(s) have the right to confidentiality under the law. My apologies if my initial comment was in any way confusing:
      but my intent was never to attempt to have you name your source. I merely requested possible elaboration or clarification on a few specifics that wouldn't have
      compromised your source in any way. Since the title of your article is "Kitchen family and friends urge patience with CHP"--can we safely assume, then, that said
      source--even though s/he is just one individual--has been given the blessing to relay the sentiments of the entire Kitchen family and their friends? Based upon the
      article's title: your source is certainly close enough to all Kitchen family members and friends to have the ability to speak on behalf of them all. I, for one, have some
      degree of comfort in knowing that the Kitchen's have an apparent united front in their patience and sentiments regarding this case. Thank you for yet another informative article, Mr. Chiv.

  5. Yes, my source is very credible.

  6. In your opinion: is there any reason whatsoever to rule out Joshua W. Pearlston as the individual who initially called 911 from the scene on 7/12/16?

  7. Substand, I can see you have a great interest in this case but no one should speculate and just wait to see what evidence is presented.

    Also, I am not going to engage back and forth on this one case. I do not work 24/7 and I still have other work that needs my attention.

    Take a break from this and focus on something positive. I plan to.

  8. Substand, I accidentally deleted your commebt so am republishing it:

    Substand has left a new comment on your post "Kitchen family and friends urge patience with CHP":

    You are correct. I do have a great interest in this case and in my community, as well. I think there is plenty of evidence from the past 13 days--and before--that I am not alone in this, nor in my speculation. With all due respect Mr. Chiv: we are the very people who make at least some of your work (that needs attention) possible. Good night.

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    1. Now this is the last time I will responf. You have been commenting under two names non stop.
      I have published and responded to your comments in the last three days.

      I do not get paid by you. I work and subsidize my own blog and spend hours providing a public service. You are one reader. I asked for respect and consideration and am under no obligation to be at your beck and call all day.

      I provide information no one else has and I have built a following. You are free to go elsewhere for your information.

      You have ignored two polite requests now and continued to insult and take up time that I need to finish other cases and take care of me.

      If you persist on commenting further tonight, instead of respecting this last request, I will block you from this site and my email.

      I have very appreciate readers and followers who respect me, my time and what I do. You are the first person I have had to publicly repeat myself to three times.

  9. I could not even finish responding to one comment before you sent another one.