Jul 21, 2016

Ben Okin and Patrik Griego represent Marcia Kitchen, they sent a letter to CHP clarifying information

Mr. Patrik Griego and Mr. Benjamin Okin sent a letter to CHP today. They both represent Marcia Kitchen. They dispute some of the information that the CHP has told the press.

The letter states that on July 13, local attorney, Mr. Neal Sanders contacted CHP on behalf of Ms. Kitchen within 60 minutes of her returning to Humboldt from her daughter's deathbed in Oakland. They claim that call was not returned for several hours and that Mr. Sanders had to contact the CHP office again.

The letter states, "This misinformation has the potential of misleading the public.
 and unnecessarily endangering people."

At times the letter says "I" and at times "we."

Mr. Okin expresses that he is troubled by CHP insisting that they do not know where Ms. Kitchen is and reiterates that "we are available to meet with your office and the District Attorney's office to discuss this tragic case." And that their client is willing to surrender to law enforcement.

Patrik Griego

Benjamin Okin

I have updated two images of the letter.

Text of letter:

July 21, 2016

Humboldt Area CHP
Arcata, CA 95521

As you know, Attorney Patrik Griego and I represent Ms. Kitchen in the case you are currently investigating.

On Wednesday, July 13th, Attorney Neal Sanders contacted your office on my and Ms. Kitchen’s behalf within 60 minutes of her return to Humboldt County from her daughters’ death bed in Oakland.  That call was not returned for several hours prompting Mr. Sanders to again contact your office prior to the close of business. Mr. Sanders provided law enforcement with the location of the vehicle involved in the accident as well as the keys to the residence where the vehicle was located.  Mr. Sanders and I also offered to immediately surrender Ms. Kitchen to law enforcement, which CHP declined pending further investigation.

I am troubled by the nature of CHP’s continuing press releases that state that Ms. Kitchen is “in hiding” and, especially now, that that CHP asked for the public’s aid to find/contact her (and Josh Pearlston). This misinformation has the potential of misleading the public and unnecessarily endangering people. Attorney Griego and myself have been in essentially daily contact with and available to CHP since July 13. We have consistently indicated that if you desired to arrest Ms. Kitchen prior to being able to complete our preliminary investigation that we would make her immediately available for arrest. I am also aware that you had in person contact with Josh Pearlston just yesterday and chose not to detain or arrest him.

I urge your office to release information to the public confirming the foregoing facts, and dispel the notion that either Ms. Kitchen or Mr. Pearlston are “in hiding” to avoid arrest or contact with law enforcement. This is simply not true.

We remain available to meet with your office and or the District Attorney’s Office to discuss this tragic case. And our client remains willing to surrender herself to law enforcement immediately.

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