Jul 21, 2016

"No kid self harms and throws up to put up a show. I am only 14 years old. No one should have to deal with this."

The case against, Dale Standridge, a local Jehovah's witness elder for sexual conduct with minor, was dismissed this morning by the People due to "insufficient admissible evidence to prove the case against a reasonable doubt."

The victim's father James (I am not publishing the last name) and the 14 year victim spoke in court and made statements to Standridge, who listened quietly. Both Standridge and the victim had family members and supporters present in court.

The daughter stood by her father with Ms. Eads standing next to her in support. When she spoke and broke down, her father put his arm around her.

"I appreciate the District Attorney's efforts in this case," said James. "Since this happened a long time ago, there is no physical evidence. It is her word against his. As you can tell, I 'm very upset about this. I understand that my daughter has the ability and potential to refile or be a corroborating witness."

"I completely and firmly believe in this man's guilt. My daughter has not been the same since this happened. This happened when she was 3-4 years old until she was 7 or 8. She did not tell us until she was twelve."

"I believe Mr. Standridge used his position as an elder and his position in the community to gain trust."

"This is not a vendetta. No one in their right mind would file an accusation like this; it has been devastating to my family. It has been devastating for both families."

"My main concern was that he not do this to another child. I feel he has done this to other children, possibly in his own family."

"I am probably going to say a lot of what my father said because we all feel the same way," said Jane Doe. She said "no one can fully understand" what she has been through.

"I've been through four psychiatrists and a lot of people know because of gossip."

 "The worst thing is that I cannot get up in court and tell him." She said she wanted Standridge to know she was not scared.

"No kid self harms and throws up to put up a show. I have PTSD and anxiety attacks. I am only 14 years old. No one should have to deal with this. You ruined my childhood."

She said that any happy memories she had of her childhood were take over by "all the shitty times you hurt me."

"No kid should have to deal with sexual things."

She said she was not doing this to "get revenge". "I was doing this so it would not happen to others. No one ruins their summer and school just to get back at somebody."

"For those who don't believe me, my story has been straight and clear with every psychiatrist."

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