Jul 26, 2016

Former TS editor Kimberly Wear with a byline in the North Coast Journal?

Someone sent me a link to the North Coast Journal blog. I noticed the byline was by Kimberly Wear.

I emailed Times Standard editor Kimberly Wear, inquiring if she is now working for NCJ, the TS email got returned.

Her facebook page says, worked for the Times Standard.

Thad Greenson, left Times Standard to go over to NCJ. Now, his former boss is writing for NCJ?

With Kim at NCJ, will there be other changes at the weekly publication?

Hank Sims, Ryan Burns, Andrew Goff of LOCO, all are former NCJ staffers.

What will the next musical chairs of TS, NCJ and LOCO bring about?

Thanks to the media angel who forwarded this to me a few minutes ago. Tells you how often I read NCJ 😉


I knew Grant was at HSU and I am happy for him. Looking forward to seeing you around more, Kim.

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  1. Great news, it has been years since the public or reporters have been able to read or write anything concerning the facts and truth about the Southern Humboldt Community Park and its private Board of Directors. Kimberly Wear had told the editor and staff at the Redwood Times in Garberville not to allow any "Letters to the Editor" if they were not positive in favor of the Park Board. This also included any news articles pertaining to the Park Board as well. Glad to see her go...