Jul 28, 2016

"The image of my girl being brutalized haunts me"

Jane Doe #2's mother who spoke today and a statement that was read by Victim Witness Advocate Carey Call, on behalf of Jane Doe # 2's father was heartbreaking to hear as well as the letter written by Jane Doe #2.

Jane Doe #2's mother said, "Your Honor: In the early morning hours of September 25, 2015, I received a phone call no mother should ever receive.  The caller was sobbing, gasping for air.  My heart sank.  Barely able to make out the words, I heard my girl say, "Mom, I was raped."  My sweet girl cried for several hours, as she found the courage to tell me she'd been terrorized, raped and raped again, in the dark of the night, almost two years prior. Since September 25, 2015, I have cried each day.  I have prayed each day.  I have asked God to help my girl make it through another day.  I have asked God to help me stay strong, so I could help carry her burden.  There were days I wanted to end my own life, as the pain was unbearable.  The image in my head of my girl being brutalized, haunts me.  Each day, for months, I've cried and I've prayed.  My pain is so deep, I wonder if I might never recover. "

"Today, I still cry, and I still pray.  The court process has been the most difficult experience in all my years.  On April 19, 2016, justice was served.  I am incredibly grateful for our justice system.  I find peace in knowing the monster who terrorized  and raped my girl, will be put away, so that he can't ever hurt another mother's child.  Your Honor, I am asking the court to sentence rapist Kailan Meserve, to the fullest extent of the law."

Jane Doe # 2's father said, "I wish California was a capital crime state."

"This person does not deserve to live. Kailan Meserve you are going to rot in hell."

""My daughter was raped, not once, but twice by Kailan Meserve."

"She does not want to date or be around men."

Jane Doe #2 described how her life has been since this rape.

Jane Doe #2's cousin also spoke. He referred to statements made in support of Kailan Meserve in court, using addiction and intoxication regarding his behavior.

"I have been intoxicated and been around women, not once have I been able not to hear please stop; not once was I unable to fewel lack of consent from my partner."

He also disputed a fact made by Jim Groeling that in a phone call Jane Doe #2 was fine with a lenient term. He said he has been in the room many times when his wife spoke with Jane Doe #2, "not once did Jane Doe #2 express lenieincy."

"The choices Mr. Meserve made caused suffering on his family.My cousin did not have that choice."

Full update later...Update, most likely tomorrow. It has been full days in court and other news and I am exhausted.

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