Jul 22, 2016

CHP reiterates what they said including that their investigation found the jeep

Just spoke with CHP Public Information Officer Cy May.

"I am going to reiterate what we have said."

"Through our investigation, we discovered where the vehicle was; we attempted to make contact with the registered owner, Ms. Kitchen. We have been available. She has not contacted us directly to make a statement."

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  1. So se is hiding behind her lawyer(s) while they work on a defense. It feels like this is going to get dirtier before the truth comes out. I think what offends me is that the people who do want to mourn the loss of these children are caught up (due to no cause of their own) and left hung out to dry. When someone has died, especially in an act of senseless violence, the anger at not knowing makes everything worse.
    A personal comment (from experiences back in 1973-1984). We lived in a small town and were told that being in the boonies, the sheriff's officers that were assigned to the area were often the greenest rookies. There were two officers you could trust, members of the community, well-respected but the others...Cox was the sheriff then and I'll say no more.
    We were told if you had to trust someone, make it the CHP and for the time we lived there that was true.
    So when some lawyers start attacking the CHP the part of me that is skeptical about defense lawyers (in general) makes me think this woman's lawyers are using the "best defense is a good offense" approach.
    No, I haven't lived in Humboldt for quite a while but still have friends there. Like so many others with more at stake than myself, the truth is what matters.
    Thanks for following up John.