Jul 22, 2016

CHP mum after lawyer letter yesterday, rude dispatcher gets defensive

Called CHP this morning after no response from an email yesterday regarding the letter from the lawyers.

I get told North Coast News and KIEM did an on camera interview with the Comnander in Chief and he is no longer available. I ask for Officer May who has not been available all week. I ask to speak with anyone, no one is available and they are no longer making any comments.

Never had any problems with CHP except today for the woman who answered the phone about five minutes ago.

Yes, I raised my voice in an argument because she was uncooperative and refused to take the message she initially said or provide any answers, but so did she. I ended the conversation. And even when I calmed down, she continued to be argumentative. This was Officer May's secretary, I learned later.

She did this after I said, why is CHP available for certain media and not others?

CHP has handled the media and release of information in this Fortuna hit and run terribly. I am glad to see information being released now.

Update: Just got a call from Officer May around 12:25. I will have a post after I speak with him.

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