Jul 22, 2016

Joe Kitchen filed a DV prevention order request against Marci Kitchen yesterday; she has two previous convictions for speeding; two other dismissals after fines and traffic school

Marci Kitchen, on facebook as Marci Marz (from Facebook)

Kiya Kitchen and Joe Kitchen (from Facebook)

Marci Kitchen had 4 traffic/infraction ordinances; one in 2007, one in 2008 in which she had a conviction; one in 2010 and one in 2013, another conviction for unsafe speed for driving.

2007: Traffic/Infraction; exceeding speed limit. Dismissal, traffic school. Fine $182.

2008: Infraction/Traffic; exceeding speed limit. Conviction. $158 fine.

2010: Infraction/Traffic; exceeding speed limit. Dismissal. Traffic school. Fine $318.


Cases above involved different vehicles.

She has two family law cases. One from 2007, I mentioned before "dissolution of marriage with a minor child." Other party Joe Kitchen.

And a recent July 21, 2016 filing by Joe Kitchen for a request for a domestic violence order; a DV prevention case with a minor child. He filed the DV order. The respondent was Marci Kitchen. No decision in that case, yet.

This was confirmed by family.

These two photos were sent by family to use for my blog, only. Do not use without permission.

The alleged hit and run happened on July 12.


  1. Really curious how this case unfolds. So tragic.

  2. Also before chp released her name as 'party of interest' you could see a about 6 pictures on her fb account, after you can only see 1. So if that's the case she has time to change her fb account settings but no time to talk to chp. Disgusting.