Jul 25, 2016

Amy Meserve threatens me in front of people after Kailan Meserve's motion for new trial is denied.

After the Kailan Meserve hearing was over today, I was on the second floor walking out and stopped to say hi to a court bailiff. There were several people, including DA staff, Victim Witness advocates, family members and friends in support of Jane Doe 1 and 2 around as well as other people.

Amy Meserve came up to me and told me to  retract "my statement." No clarification of what statement.

I told her "don't talk to me." She continued, I told her, again, not to speak to me. The court bailiff had to stand between her and me. Kailan Meserve's attorney, Mr. Russ Clanton tried to get her into a conference room as she yelled and threatened a lawsuit.

Those type of threats are easy to throw around. I don't get intimidated.  Shining light on details of court cases, ensures transparency. I don't back off on covering cases involving prominent names.

This is not the first time Amy Meserve has spoken to me in public. The first time was telling me to move where I was standing outside a courtroom, which is public space, so it would be convenient for her.

Mr. Clanton's statement in court today,  "In the supplemental, we have outlined  our inability to proceed on certain elements we intended to" speaks for itself.


  1. I think it must be frustrating for Amy that after all the harassing, negotiations, attempted bribery that she isn't getting her way. You are a bully Amy. Your brother is guilty and you should beg that another trial doesnt occur as his other victims may come forward.

  2. What a dumb bitch. She's just mad because she won't be able to get money from her brother to support her fake life she's living. Go eat some more pills amy

  3. Excuse me but your nasty, I bet you if this happened to your family you would be pretty upset too. She is not living a fake like she is living a life to support her family and take care of them. We are not all perfect and have all been through tough times but for you too hide behind a screen and say such negative words I am disgusted.

  4. May I ask why you want to sabotage this family? You are making this worse. I know the human race is getting less and less compassionate but you make me sick.. You are harassing a family and it's not only a family it's my family.. All I can say is karma is real, leave this family alone you have done quite enough.

  5. Speaking of hiding behind a screen, "Morgan", you did not use a verifiable address but I printed your anonymous comments to show the public what kind of scum supports a man who is guilty of 15 felonie and a man who was convicted of raping two women. His family, especially, Amy, his sister, are just pissed that justice was done in this case. Clearly, your last name is not Meserve so how exactly are you family?

    But even using family in the sense that friends can be family, you are the one who believes in supporting a man who in open court admitted to cheating on his wife, and then needed her to testify for him. The only one sick is you.If you leave any more insulting comments towards other commenters, they will not be published.

  6. This commenter is in fact a very young lady and is also verifiably a Meserve. Marriage and child birth often leads to different last names in the same family. Given her age and obvious interest in this matter , I would ask that you tread lightly on this YOUNG girl. Furthermore, I would ask that you remember and acknowledge that each side to every case has victims. Given your incessant reporting of this case, it is clear that you know Kailan only as what he has been portrayed as to the court. While he obviously has many people ( family and otherwise) that care for him and want the most fair outcome, it is important to keep in mind that there are two sides of the courtroom hurting and that does not make the Meserve side pitiful or evil. We know Kailan in a way that no one else on that courtroom can...as a loving husband, father, brother, son, dear friend or community member. It is not wrong to seek a fair sentencing for him given the charges he has against him. That is the expectation in any trial that each side fights for what they think is fair. However, given your one sided and often biased journalism technique, you have found yourself in a position to belittle a teenage family member who is only beginning to understand the ins and outs of the law. She was brave enough to use her real name and you belittled her still. Please do the world a favor, and allow people to speak their mind without immediately attacking their character. Journalists of all people should be aware of the power of multiple minds contemplating the same case. Each persons perspective matters, and if you are such a bully that you feel the need to immediately discredit her words, what does that say about your message and its vulnerability. I am urging you to practice the art of kindness and understanding and if you can't do that, at least give your readers the freedom to speak openly and honestly about what they believe. Perhaps you will profit in the long run by having a larger audience and an abundance of true honest comments that represent what the community really feels instead of what you think is worthy of posting. At the very least, let these youngsters have a shot at speaking their mind without instant shutdown and criticism from a one man/woman team

    1. You are anonymous but I will give you the benefit of doubt that she is a Meserve. Don't threaten me in comments when I am responding to inaccurate accusations and insults. You call it incessant reporting, most people call it reporting facts. I know more about Kailan then in the court. From day one, Kailan's supporters and family have tried to show up in numbers trying to influence this case. Kailan has been afforded due process and there is nothing unfair in his sentencing. You know nothing about me other than what I report in court. Kailan's family and friends have no right to intimidate or threaten freedom of speech. I have published comments so how are you being prevented in speaking your mind. Your opinion that I am biased is biased in itself. I do not print anonymous comments, I have, I will not in the future unless you use your name in a verifiable address. In no rape or any case, have I seen the defendant's family testify. So quit your whining and deal with the fact that if you think an arrogant, cheating lying man who takes advantage of other women and cheats on his wife is your example of a loving husband, father, than it shows your lack of morality and character.

      Nothing gives you the right to be abusive or disrespectful to me here or in court or anywhere and do not attempt to harass or threaten me or interfere in any way with my freedom to report on this case.

      My audience and success is doing quite well, despite your barbs. I earn a respectful living and I am respected, my critics are few and those afraid of the truth. You would not be this upset if I did not have a large audience or impact.

      Stop playing the victim card.

  7. Wow, this is Amy Meserve, I have not even bothered to comment on anything said here because it is all nothing but gossip!! However of Course when my young daughter is being attacked, I am unable to refrain. Please out of basic human decency do not attack a 15 year old girl!! Please, you have no idea the circumstances of anything that pertains to our family. Please stop and keep innocent children separate for your opinions. Thank you

  8. Amy, maybe your 15 year old needs to stay off the internet commenting on a case involving her family. She did not use the last name Meserve. If she is going to comment, she does not get to insult me or anyone else. You have no idea what I am aware of or not about your family. You and your family members started the verbal attacks, you have approached me twice after being told I do not want to engage in any conversation with you. You need to listen for a change. The fact is your brother was held responsible and convicted by a jury of his peers. The fact is I will not engage in any conversation and contact with you, given your words and actions, especially the last time on the second floor. You and your family need to realize rules and decorum apply and there is no special treatment for you and your family. So tomorrow or at any time, do not talk to me or aporoach me and that applies to all of your family friends and supporters.

  9. Also, every comment that is a no blogger comment can be from anyone. There is no way to verify if it is the actual person, so I have no verification if any of the above comments are from anyone in the Meserve family or a supporter.

  10. Ms. Meserve oh how so many of us that have watched this spiral out of control for years ALL wish it were just idle gossip. Then may be these two victims and their loved ones could wake up from the nightmare your brother has thrown them into. You would have thought after the accident that almost killed Monica he would have gotten help. I imagine we will all sleep a little better knowing he is away from our daughters and his. When we see you in Petrolia and turn and hide it isn't because we blame you for anything but incessant harrassment that you have brought on all of us. Your family has torn our small community apart. When is enough, enough.